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Schiff says Biden has to ‘win overwhelmingly’ or pass the torch, adds VP Harris could win against Trump
  • The problem is the swing votes. And I personally know several Christian woman that claim men should lead and they would never vote for a woman. And racism is still very real. Sure, democrats would vote for her without hesitation, but she would likely lose.

  • Fellas of Lemmy, what's your Every Day Carry (EDC)?
  • I carry a thin fabric zippered wallet in a front pocket along with my keys.

    I have a set of keys for each car. Each set has a tracker and house key.

    And a phone in the opposite front pocket.

    And an Apple Watch.

    That’s it. That’s all I carry. And nothing goes in a back pocket to sit awkwardly on.

  • Judge says FTC lacks authority to issue rule banning noncompete agreements
  • These are coming down because of SCOTUS taking down Chevron. Now every rule must explicitly by made by the bills congress passes. They can no longer state an intent and hire experts to implement those intents vis rules.

    We are heading into a Libertarians wet dream of government agencies being nearly Powerless thanks to our SCOTIS.

  • Economics
  • One of the scientific calculators has great business functions in a menu (ti83 maybe?). I prefered it to actual business calculators. And it could handle the science classes as well.

    I don’t remember the exact model, though. Once out of school we use excel.