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Collaborative user interfaces

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I Hate Webp
  • Is the lack of support webp's fault? Is it fair to hate webp?

  • I'm just gonna stick to slotted, thanks
  • The EU should fine companies for introducing new standards that break old standards. Or any shit standards like Toslink: . Standardization organizations shouldn't be sleeping through all this shit.

  • It's Not Just Shein: Why Are ALL Your Clothes Worse Now?
  • My best casual trousers/pants are 65% polyester, 35% cotton, and over 10 years old now. Batistini brand.

  • The amount of sugar consumed by children from soft drinks in the UK halved within a year of the sugar tax being introduced, a study has found.
  • So they didn't try a sugar tax, like Finland didn't try basic income because opposing politicians sabotaged the trial in the planning stage to make the results worthless.

  • Pleasant Politics: Politics without the jerks
  • Have you prepared for downvote manipulation by bots? Quora incentivizes it by treating downvoted answers differently, so now the site may have as many bots as people.

  • Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • Kitchen tissue is strong when wet. Tear that square sheet in half lengthwise (because of oriented fibers), fold each half once, and you'll have reasonably sized pieces.

  • Linux Mint help
  • No, can't be lack of anything, it was the regular Mint 21.3 installer image overwriting Debian on a normal ext4 formatted partition. Nothing should have gone wrong. Reinstalled with formatting on, and it started working.

    "Hadn't" means "had not" (not done in the past), not "had not" (lacked possession). I'm Finnish and might be wrong.

  • Linux Mint help
  • Mine did that when I chose not to format the "/" partition when installing.

  • To those of you who drink tea: What brand of tea do you drink?
  • This gunpowder green tea is good for beginners or the lazy because it's mild and exceptionally tolerant of steeping too long, or in too hot water. Never bitter.

    If you already like green teas, try some Taiwanese 10% (nearly green) oolong, more complex than plain green. 0% oxidised is green, 100% is black, oolong is everything in between.

  • Is there a chat/dating app that isn't complete shit and pay wall restricted?
  • Getting lots of matches is useless when you're looking for a handful of great matches. For that you need a great matching mechanism with thousands of parameters - what OkCupid used to have before Match Group destroyed it.

  • Try this!
  • Only some strains in low vaping temperatures work for me.

  • You're in the right place
  • The "tanning notary" seems to be a package, or a service unknown to me.

  • what is the biggest failure in human history?
  • Investing everything in engines and abandoning battery development in the early 1900s. Lead-acid batteries were heavy but usable, and electric cars were more popular until electric starters were added to engines. A disproportionately big, short-lived reason was the lack of sufficient electrical grid for electric cars trying to go far.

    Nobody in government was thinking ahead, so everyone was forced to trying to make their own money NOW, and that's how we get inhumane tech in general. Same thing happening in computers for decades now. We need centralised R&D free from market influence for the benefit of all life.

  • You can fit two cars there
  • Nope, purely emotional buying:

    ... occupant death rate was 6% higher in SUVs than in conventional cars, and 8% in the biggest ones.

    ... children are eight times more likely to die when struck by an SUV compared with an average passenger car.

    ... “These figures suggest that SUVs were probably killing around an extra 3,000 people in the US a year at that time – more than died at 9/11,” write Simms and Murray. Roughly a third of those died in SUV rollovers, and another third from being hit by one. The final third were being killed by respiratory problems because of the extra pollution caused by SUVs.”

  • What's an idea you have that should be an actual thing?
  • Just as bad as Tinder = worthless compared to pre-MatchGroup OkCupid.

  • What's an idea you have that should be an actual thing?
  • Collaborative editing in real time?