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He/him, trans/gay, artist, Lizard Father, Bog Witch, First in Line to Fight God

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  • I'd say!

  • Boring
  • If you ever get 4,585 miles (7378.84 km) to the east, you should check out their sister city, Dull, Scotland!

  • Americans are divided on whether society overlooks racial discrimination or sees it where it doesn’t exist
  • “Sesame Street in the 90’s told me racism was solved and I never actually asked anyone if their lives were better.”

  • 8-28-23
  • 👌 mwah perfect. This one gets me every time

  • The Poor Man's Bread
  • Came here to say the Nutmeg Tavern is the coziest place on the Internet, bar none ☕️

  • wHy DoN't YoU gO OuT mOrE?
  • As someone who works with the public, if you can’t roll with a couple of traumatic stories then you ain’t the extrovert you think you are.

    If you’re at a groovy party, the next person should one-up your weird story.

  • Gay? [Rule]
  • Is she, you know, a Celeste, SpR any %, PB 42:56 ?

    (Don’t @ me I’ve never played a vibyo gam)

  • Gender Surgeries Nearly Tripled From 2016 Through 2019, Study Finds
  • Hell yeah. Me too.
    A life-saving procedure. And I hope many more have easy access in years to come.

  • Should the thylacine be brought back to life? Here's how you responded
  • But consider, another caniform we could pet and dress up :3

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Whew! May your burns be always even, Frent!

  • Today we learnt...
  • Life's wild, my friend

  • Career day can be hard on a kid
  • [ Children's screams have been removed ]

  • I can fix them
  • Haha I love fixing things no not that one

  • I made this on Lemmy's r/place
  • Bwahaha thanks for the tip

  • A woman escaped a makeshift cinder block 'dungeon' in Oregon, police say. The FBI believes there are more victims in other states | CNN
  • We say here in the valley, “Ted Buddy was a Husky,” so at least he isn’t ours

  • We all know where the Big Apple is...
  • Top tier; excellent swerve. Brava

  • Vince McMahon served with federal grand jury subpoena and search warrant
  • I'm here! There may be several others! \o/

  • How many of you are still actively using Reddit?
  • As soon as they killed Apollo I never looked back. Bastards.