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Children is bugs
  • The issue there is that she loved Moana. He thought she would get bullied for that name, so instead named her after a bug. He put his love for insects over his wife's love, and tried to rationalize it to himself. But his rationalization doesn't hold under the least bit of scrutiny, because more kids would tease her after being named after an insect than a Disney movie. The saving grace here is that the cicada doesn't come up in Urban Dictionary (kids love that shit), and it comes up after the Brazilian municipality.

    Overall, I'd say he is the butt head, but it's not a huge deal.

  • Does anyone else feel like fireworks are a complete waste of money and a ridiculous amount of unnecessary Pollution?
  • And coyotes!

    I lost all love for the 4th of July when the sun was going down and I saw a beautiful coyote across my fence like 5 feet from me. He locked eyes with me and looked so terrified, it took a little bit of my soul. He was panting so hard. He was even looking at me like he was pleading me to help him, but I couldn't because he's, well, a coyote. He stayed looking at me for almost 2 whole minutes before he went back into the brush.

    I still think about that every 4th.

  • me_irl Sweetpeaches69


    Photography Sweetpeaches69

    Sevilla Station

    Quick photo I managed to capture as we were leaving the Sevilla train station, headed into the blistering heat of last summer.

    Sevilla was a spectacular city, full of history, culture, and honey-sweet moments.

    me_irl Sweetpeaches69


    me_irl Sweetpeaches69


    Photography Sweetpeaches69

    Castillo de Gibralfaro, Málaga, Spain

    An archway in Castillo de Gibralfaro, a spectacular hillside castle in Málaga.

    Photography Sweetpeaches69

    Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain.

    The ever vibrant Plaza Mayor near sunset.



    I suppose I'll kick this community off with a photo of my Brittany Pointer, Cadeau, and his favorite pillow he's had since he was a puppy.