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Gonna keep doing this until November
  • Yeah, nothing is stopping that massive military and its nukes 😬

  • Sitting and shitting on my high horse
  • I'd be afraid I'd pee up the horse's nostril

  • Z for Zebra
  • Nah I was fine with Y for Yoghurt

  • Policy statement on onshore wind
  • And we will build so much nucular that it will make a dent in our flat earth

  • Got em
  • Must be the first time

  • Sitting and shitting on my high horse
  • Nah you can still pee into this one from the side. You just have to arc it

  • Sitting and shitting on my high horse
  • I bet this is what the royal family use

  • Sitting and shitting on my high horse
  • Nah just get the horse to hand it to you

  • The Tram-EM 2022~
  • Hahahaha that's great!

  • Stick that goes "AAAAEEEEEEEUUUU"
  • More Lemmy publicity!

  • What family sayings did you think was universal?
  • №2 sounds like something Biden would say

  • The *"J-corner" (i.e. "Street"),* by Spanish artist "**Alariko**"
  • This is beautiful! I love the colours. Is it anywhere IRL?

  • ich🎶iel
  • Meine romantische Music:

  • 2meirl4meirl
  • Yeah, there's no 'supposed to' – it's not designed

  • Labour lifts Tories’‘absurd’ ban on onshore windfarms
  • It's so refreshing to have the trickle of constant bad news turn into a trickle of constant good news

  • Jim from the office vibes
  • My guinea pig did this. It was super cute

  • Yea feel me?
  • Ok, wer hat das gepostet?

  • Yea feel me?
  • Why da dawg have Karen hair

  • Walking the plank and enjoying the pool
  • Walking the plank? Pirate Duck!

  • Not all doom and gloom After 15 years away I moved back to the UK fearing the worst. What I found startled me | Gillian Harvey

    Despite years of austerity and Tory rule, I have seen incredible resilience, humour and optimism, says the writer Gillian Harvey

    After 15 years away I moved back to the UK fearing the worst. What I found startled me | Gillian Harvey

    Would Private Members' Bills be more viable with a landslide majority?

    I'm just thinking about ways that PR could be passed. If Labour get a massive majority, and the party (ie. MPs) want PR but the government does not, would having a ton of MPs beyond a majority make it easier to pass as a private member's bill in defiance of the government, as even a substantial amount of Labour MPs sticking with the govt would not bring aye votes below the 50% mark? (Plus if the newly strengthened Lib Dems voted in favour)


    Don't know why I'm depressed when I've solved the cause

    I've been having quite a stressful period of exams recently and at one point I started feeling a mixture of burnt out and depressed. I immediately stopped preparing for the exams, and to ease the thought that I would need to manage 2 more years of this (this is what triggered the depression), I started making plans to switch to an easier degree.

    Usually when I feel depressed I know exactly why (my mind tunnel visions on the big picture problem and blocks out the present), and once I address the cause I begin to feel hopeful again. But this time, although doing these things eased the immediate feeling of burnout, I have carried on feeling depressed. I am usually a humorous person so I tried to watch my favourite comedy to rekindle my playfulness but I felt completely numb to the jokes and nuance in it that I usually appreciate. Same when I tried to socialize.

    I've removed the cause so I don't understand why I'm still depressed and what else I need to do to make my mind operate normally again. Could it be from other unadressed things in my life that have been in the background? Does anyone have any ideas?


    Strattera vs other anti-anxiety meds

    My psych wants to take me off Strattera because it isn't helping my ADHD and apparently it's quite expensive. One thing it is helping me with though is my anxiety – I no longer get the random bouts of anxiety that I used to and I feel like I'm just generally more chill and enjoying the present moment. What's more, I can actively feel the Strattera keeping me calm at times when my brain would have panicked before, like when approaching girls. Do you know if other anti-anxiety meds my psych is likely to give me will have this same effect, or should I urge him to keep me on Strattera?


    What do you all check instead of the news?

    I've realized that I check the news several times a day but not because I'm curious about what's happening on the grand scheme of things, but because my brain wants to check something that keeps changing with new, evolving information. It fills a slightly different niche than social media, and I don't watch sports so I don't have that to check. Can anyone think of something else that could fill this need? I could read blogs but they just don't feel current. And the news is making be stress about information I didn't need to know.


    Which Med Should I Try Next?

    My main problems:

    • Inability to stick to lowly stimulating tasks
    • Executive dysfunction
    • Forgetting what I was doing every 2 minutes Bonus mention: random bouts of anxiety (Don't know which subtype this amounts to)

    Meds I've tried so far:

    1. Atomoxetine (extinguished the anxiety but did nothing for the ADHD)
    2. Methylphenidate (amplified the ED, essentially gluing me to even boring tasks. This helped for reading but not for my executively intensive physics homework, where I literally had to use my inner voice to guide myself. Did nothing for the forgetfulness.)

    Has anyone had a similar response? What ended up working? I'm in the UK so there's no Aderall.


    Anyone else have a default topic that your brain turns to when idle?

    My train of thought has gone down the same path hundreds of times when bored. There is no new realisation about that topic that remains to be had. And yet every time my inner monologue goes down the same well trodden path. It almost hurts at this point. I don't really choose the topic, it's usually just one I've come into contact with repeatedly and they change over the years. I commute by bus and the monologue is always at the same point at the same point in the journey. I am going crazy. How do I turn this off.


    3rd year in university and getting nowhere. What should I do?

    Lemmy, I have completed tens of modules across several different universities. I have been course-hopping for long enough that I’d have a bachelors degree by now had I found and stayed on a course that suited me. I can’t be asked to commit to one and study it for yet another 3 years before I get a degree\. Yet I feel like all of the effort that I have expended up to this point will go unacknowledged, just because it was spread across several unis and doesn’t fall into any of their pre-defined study plans. I am a person driven by short bouts of intense curiosity of the type that dives down Wikipedia rabbitholes\\*. I want to do a highly qualified job but am failing to fit in to the rigid framework that academia sets you. I have several Master’s theses that I’d start researching tomorrow if the system let me. Yet without so much as a bachelor’s I might as well go work in a supermarket. How do I move on from here?

    \Perhaps it’s also because I’m now in my early 20s and finally want to have some time to explore. \\*I am a logical thinker and predominantly interested in STEM topics.


    What is a quote that captures something you've learnt through living your life?

    Edit: while I'm at it, does anyone know what I should do when I'm waiting for a coincidence/adventure to happen, but it never comes? I can't really go outside and arrange for it to happen because I don't know what I'm looking for.


    How to overcome ADHD guilt?

    Often when I start feeling guilty for putting off a task (even if I genuinely didn't have time), the guilt makes it harder for me to get back to it. It's an additional emotion that I have to barge through in order to get started.

    What if the person is annoyed with me for still not having replied? What if they've followed up with a strongly worded email that I'm now going to have to suffer through? And I'm going to have to come up with an excuse for taking so long. This would have been so much easier if I'd done it yesterday.

    The guilt increases exponentially. How do you dispel it so that it's not in the way of actually getting to the task? (Alcohol and sleep deprivation does not count)

    16 How Bernie Sanders wins an argument

    We've given up on trying to persuade people and that's a mistake. Learn from one of the masters. Sign up for email updates!

    How Bernie Sanders wins an argument

    How to make showering not boring?

    For me showering means standing in a windowless room staring at a blank wall for 20 minutes (I get lost in my thoughts). Also there are several steps and I have to think about each of them. This means that I only end up showering when my fear of coming across as dirty becomes bigger than the dread of being bored. What do you do?


    Why aren't apps updating in the background?

    This has started showing up for some reason, suggesting that instead of updating my apps in the background, Google Play is waiting until I open an app to check for updates. Is there like a setting somewhere I need to change?


    Certified online course for learning STEM subjects?

    I'm thinking of switching fields within STEM and there are some mathsy modules which I missed out on during my undergrad (biology) that would come in really handy right now. Since I would like to avoid doing another bachelor's from scratch, I was hoping there might be a website that lets you pick and choose from a range of undergrad-level subjects that you would take online, and then possibly give you a certificate that you could put on your CV. Does anyone know if something like this exists?


    Task breakup

    I've found that breaking a daunting task down into concrete steps and eating away at it in baby steps helps me get it done. When I take Concerta, it helps me focus on the boring nitty-gritty bits, and it enables me to focus on activities like reading where you don't have to do any planning. But the actual process planning/task breakup stays just as cognitively straining as before and becomes the new bottleneck to my productivity. Can this also be fixed with a pill, or does everyone have it this hard and is it a skill that you get better at over time?


    I keep fucking forgetting what I'm doing every 30 seconds. It's crippling me

    I can't work on maths problems: by the time I key a calculation into my calculator I've forgotten what I was actually calculating.

    When I open my phone to write an email, by the time I have the 'new email' screen open I've forgotten what I wanted to write and to whom.

    When I go off looking for something in another room, I forget what I was looking for by the time I've entered it. I constantly mutter 'What was I doing? What was I doing?'

    This is so debilitating -- I can't live like this. What can I do?


    What person can help me sort out the big picture of my life?

    21M, my life right now is such a mess.

    My childhood feels deficient in some things, I really want to move out, my life is spread over multiple countries and I can't decide how to fit each into my future, I'm struggling & demotivated at university, and I've had no success dating and just can't figure out why.

    I have a long term plan to get myself out of this but I'm afraid that the plan may prioritize the wrong things or be naively ambitious or specific. I'm AuDHD and seeing as it was my thinking that got me into this mess, my plan to fix it is probably riddled with the same mistakes. Which would mean I'd stay stuck where I am.

    What would really help me is to consult my plan with a wise person who has watched many people's life trajectories and who would be able to advise me on what parts of my plan are naive or likely to fail. Since I am AuDHD, I also need someone who will alert me to the sorts of narrow-minded ways of thinking that got me to where I am, because I am obviously blind to these. Or maybe the problem is that I think too much altogether. I can ask for individual pieces of advice on Lemmy but I'm looking for someone who would look at my life in a more holistic way.

    What sort of person would be able to help me? I have tried coaching but coaches seem to focus more on CBT and have lacked the wisdom that I am looking for here.