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Every day.
  • It's easy if you try.

  • Anon interviews for a job
  • I don't feel tardy.

  • Can you read the ancient glyphs
  • A bit off topic, but I was playing RimWorld and ended up with a colonist nicknamed Real Estate. He got captured during a raid at one point. I kept waiting for the quest to rescue him so I could post this meme, but it never happened...

  • No-win scenario
  • But if they don't understand what mansplaining is (and are the type to use the word despite not understanding it), any explanation you offer is likely to be considered "mansplaining."

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • That was also true in 2020. And in 2016 for Hillary.

  • The police need this for...?
  • I think that's part of the joke. Texas and birth control bullshit.

  • Eventually you outgrow him
  • Ah, I figured you thought you were on-topic (that the original post was somehow critical of his acting?), not on a tangent. My mistake.

  • Eventually you outgrow him
  • Nobody said anything about his acting. This is about him never dating anyone over 25.

  • GOP candidate proclaimed himself homophobic. Then he claimed he was "persecuted."
  • I guess? I was homophobic as hell back in high school, but I'm now a firm supporter of LGBT+ rights. But I suppose this guy isn't claiming to have changed.

  • What Era was the best and why was it the 90s?
  • I'm a big fan of flat design, too. To be fair, I basically loved every style in its time. Regardless, I like flat.

  • Standard rule
  • She was ugly before she became a sorceress, if I remember correctly.

  • We need more whimsy
  • As an adult, I don't feel that I know enough to make an informed decision. Regardless: blue-tailed skink. There are definitely at least two cooler than it, but there are many of them where I live, and they're my pals.

  • We do have roasted
  • A serving is often treated as singular a unit in English. Popcorn, rice, candy, etc. "I ate all of it," not "I ate all of them." Only when referring to pieces of popcorn does it become them.

  • Same
  • Ditto. There were a number of times in high school where I totally missed a girl showing interest in me. Some of them were blatantly obvious, in retrospect, but my clueless teenage ass never suspected a thing.

  • Eepy bees
  • Got it, thanks!

  • Eepy bees
  • Anon has bees
  • He's got everyone coming to his desk for the birds and the bees. Not bad.

  • I just posted Gowron for the glory of the empire!
  • I tucked my daughter into bed FOR THE GLORY OF THE EMPIRE!