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Sorry, y'all.
  • (city 17 logo) The City 17 logo featured on several Combine devices.

    Welcome. Welcome to City 17.

  • the wire
  • Well, maybe it’s a small red snake plus some good small glue on the back of a very small person. Or maybe the person, snake and glue are average size and everything else is just gigantic.

  • How to annoy a Voyager user:
  • Laughs in light mode

  • Heathens!
  • Hi, nice to meet you. I’m heathest 2: healthy boogaloo

  • iPhone vs 3DS rule
  • My iPhone 14 Pro can actually emulate the 3ds without jit to a playable level, but it gets very hot and drains the battery. Also for whatever reason after updating to iOS 18 my emulator of choice (Limon) now crashes on launch.

  • can we most rule this?
  • I use Aarch64 btw

  • Sniper rule

    Image translation

    The top sign says:



    The bottom says “DANGEROUS AREA” in Russian and English.

    Image transcription

    top sign: НЕ СОРИТЬ!


    bottom sign:




  • Knights are getting shorter as in nights (part of the day) are getting shorter before the middle of summer

  • Int check
  • Steam deck controller > PlayStation controller > Xbox controller > Nintendo switch pro controller

  • elon rulemusk
  • Well of course I’m CIS, I live there

  • rool
  • Skibidi plate

  • AlaSU 101 rule
  • Nevada

  • Perma banned for 'inciting violence' with no previous strikes on 12 year old account
  • I legit got banned for 3 days site wide from Reddit because my comment included “” which is a private network address that only exists in your network, not on the internet.

    Messages from Reddit

  • Penguins ❤️
  • No homo sapiens

  • 40 Kilobyte Rule
  • It’s already not true.

    The image is 33 kilobytes

    picture of the meme in iOS photos showing that the image is 33 kilobytes in size

  • Boeing

    cross-posted from:

    > Rule


    Blue screen of rule

    Yes, I did actually get a BSOD from that, no it wasn’t my PC