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YouTube is experimenting with server-side ads
  • What’s to stop them from timestamping the time they sent you the ad and wait until like 90% of that time has gone by until they send you the video? It’s all server-side, nothing a plugin can do.

  • Trying Linux after using Windows for decades
  • 10m for anyone. If you’re able to go through the bios to boot on your usb, you’re able to take 5m to to google “gaming on x distro” and paste 3 commands (steam, lutris/bottles, nvidia drivers)

    gaming distros aren't the mess you say they are

    As someone who occasionally spends time helping people on forums, I’ve noticed that a very good chunk of people having issues are people using gaming distros or arch.

    Another issue is the kernel mods that sometimes comes with those distros. A few years ago they were mostly all good, now the official kernel is generally better. If you look at recent benchmarks, the modded kernels will give you +2-5 fps in very specific tests and then -30 in the next. They also vastly vary by hardware. This results in many users having performance issues in some places but nobody being able to debug why.

    Nobara might be the only one that is maintained and popular enough to make sense for anyone to use, the others are straight up traps.

  • Trying Linux after using Windows for decades
  • That’s the thing I don’t get. It only takes 5m starting from a fresh ubuntu/mint and the likes to be gaming ready. Even if you have no clue how to use a computer, there are hundreds of guides on how to do it in maybe 10m. Compare that to getting a gaming distro, which would save you those 10m but you’d pay the price next time you have an issue and realise the distro is way too niche for you to get a non-technical answer.

    It’s not gatekeeping, I’m not keeping anyone away from Linux, I’m giving them a better path so they can have a smoother experience.

  • Trying Linux after using Windows for decades
  • That’s the point, it preys on those who don’t know enough to realise they got got. They’d be better off using more mainstream distros which are more stable and have more online help/documentation.

  • Trying Linux after using Windows for decades
  • How is it gatekeeping? It’s is a trap though, there is literally nothing in those distros making gaming better. It’s like those “gaming” branded mice or keyboard that just have more color and a higher price tag. It’s there to attract people, but in the end you’ll get roughly the same performance whether you use mint, ubuntu or arch.

  • Just use it. Now.
  • Disk partioning has been around since the 60s, it’s not really a new feature to be able to install a distro without wiping the whole drive and has nothing to do with Linux.

  • Skill
  • The thing is, “unskilled” jobs have a huge worker pool. Just about anyone can do it. Perhaps not that well, but it doesn’t matter much how well you do it for most of these jobs. Take a cashier. At best you might be twice as effective as the “normal worker”. Then compare that to what people call “skilled jobs”. Say a civil engineer. Here, your “normal worker” straight up can’t do it without years of training, and failure costs lives. For this reason, “skilled jobs” have a tiny worker pool and of those, only a few are adequate. It’s only natural that these few would ask for and receive a much larger pay. That’s not to say that “unskilled workers” shouldn’t be paid a living wage, but in a capitalist world, they will always be paid less.

  • r/The_Donald helped radicalize users into far-right identities and discourse – Active users on r/The_Donald increasingly used white nationalist vocabularies in their comments within three months.
  • Well that’s the point. I know what cuck can mean in that context now because it was mentionned and I was able to look it up. If everyone wants to hide what the other words are because “it’s so obvious you’re an idiot for not knowing them”, how am I supposed to recognize them in the wild? As it is I’ll probably just hear some fancy new term and assume they’re educated.

    As for the paywall, maybe you weren’t against it yourself but the other comments that were agaisnt it got downvoted, though perhaps it wasn’t the sole reason.

  • r/The_Donald helped radicalize users into far-right identities and discourse – Active users on r/The_Donald increasingly used white nationalist vocabularies in their comments within three months.
  • Too be fair I too was looking for something of a list. Of the few words mentionned in the comments, I only knew about cuck and I thought it was a fetish thing.

    I’m not too sure why people on here tend to exaggerate the slightest of things. One can simply be curious, you know.

    And I don’t know why everyone is defending the paywall. I thought lemmy was leftist and leftists were agaisnt this kind of thing. Especially since most papers, if not all, are partially or fully funded by taxpayer money.

  • EA gonna EA
  • I played it when it came out and while it was a fun playthrough and I’m glad I played, it’s nowhere near factorio on replayability. It also feels a lot more shallow, like they put more time into the visuals rather than actual game mechanics. And in the end what killed it for me was the performance. On factorio you can still have decent fps/ups in a 1k hour megabase, satisfactory in the other hand gives up pretty quickly. Mod support is great compared to most games, but doesn’t really come close to factorio.

  • you don't need more 4GB of RAM
  • According to this study, the eye can see a difference as high as 500 fps. While this is a specific scenario, it’s a scenario that could possibly happen in a video game, so I guess it means we can go to around 500 hz monitors before it becomes too much or unnessessary.

  • My experience trying wayland with NVIDIA in 2024

    I recently saw the new 550 drivers fixing a lot of wayland issues as well as KDE 6 being a lot better on wayland and decided, you know what, let me try it.

    The first question was, which WM do I use? Initially I wanted to try DWL or Sway, since I currently use DWM on Xorg and like it quite much. However, I was somehow taken in by the Hyprland hype and man their website is flashy. So, okay I'll try that.

    From there, I didn't last an hour. First of all, hyprland was using 20% of a cpu core and 200Mb permanently, on idle, without blur, shadows or animations enabled. This is absolutely insane, especially since, without these things, it was functionally the same as my DWM setup, which barely uses 0.5% and 9mb of RAM. Now I understand that Xorg included more things and the compositor devs or wlroots have to write more code on their own, but 20% is way too insane for me to even consider the switch. Now I honestly believe that this is an NVIDIA thing, as googling around people seemed to say it was pretty lightweight with some features disabled.

    The second issue I noticed was ultimately the deal breaker. I could have tried Sway or DWL next and maybe one of those would have been fine. However, it seems like NVIDIA does not support hardware cursor on wayland. It's listed as an issue under wlroots, hyprland and sway. Now I will admit I do play video games sometimes and using some floaty unresponsive software cursor is out of the question when I've already experienced the bliss that is a hardware cursor. I don't know when this will be added, but according to a phoronix post, someone added the code to the nvidia driver and it does work on KDE now, so maybe it will be added to wlroots and the likes soon.

    That's it, just wanted to talk about it a little since I was somewhat disappointed. I have wanted to move to wayland for a long time, it seems like I will still have to wait. One thing's for sure, I'm never buying an NVIDIA card again.