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Fetterman, Flashing a Sharper Edge, Keeps Picking Fights With the Left
  • This shit needs to stop. Anyone to the right of you is right wing, we get it. You don't allow dissent or disagreement in the left so everyone who isn't with you on every issue is the enemy right? You know what that sounds like right?

    A lot of people who claim to be left on here, are doing everything possible to push people away from the left, and chasing off allies with this "no true leftist" bullshit.

  • Americans, what's the plan if Trump wins the election in November? (serious)
  • All the young uni kids who went full anti Biden on one issue, are likely too young to remember what president Trump was really like. They're gonna love him, since being miserable and outraged seems to be their preferred default.

  • George Lucas Defends 'Star Wars' from Criticisms That 'It's All White Men': 'Most of the People Are Aliens!'
  • Who Lucas? I mean name me one young guy with money who wasn't thinking with his dick. I'm sure that's why his marriage fell apart but he's an old man now, with a new wife and a new Outlook who I'm sure has very little in common with his young self.

    I say this as a guy who is finally reaching the age where I don't want to fuck every woman I meet. Where I no longer need a new girl all the time. It feels like I'm an alcoholic who is slowly losing his taste for it and I feel great. People grow up.

  • What do you just not give a single fuck about that so many people try to make you give a shit about?
  • You lost me at "save". Save what? Pocket lint? Nobody has the funds for savings anymore. I used to put aside a few hundred bucks a month 10 years ago. Now I can't even afford my entire month's expenses, let alone save any money.

  • Star Trek: Discovery Beats Picard & Rises Higher In Nielsen Streaming Top 10
  • The last season of discovery is the only one I have left and I'm finishing it begrudgingly. I really don't like that show. Huge fan of strange new worlds, but discovery felt like a cw version of a Disney star wars show.

  • Nestle Canada: employees strike after rejecting offer given by management and recommended by union
  • The fact that the global governments haven't forced a company that size of Nestle to unionize or disband, is insane to me and shows who our politicians actually serve. I think unionization should be mandatory when a company reaches a certain size and profitability.

  • RIP Roger
  • "I will intentionally film the entire movie with the lense cap on. If you can't see the movie, that's your problem. It means you're not a true cinephile like me. Movies weren't meant to be watched"

    Tosses scarf

    -Christopher Nolan probably

  • Ric Flair wooo-ing in a blind granny's face, while out for pizza.


    Ric Flair wooo-ing in a blind grandmother's face at a pizza shop


    Umar Zameer found not guilty of murder in Toronto police officer's death


    Man Set Himself on Fire Outside of Trump Trial Man Set Himself on Fire Outside Trump's Trial

    A man set himself on fire outside Donald Trump's criminal trial in New York on Friday, just as the full jury was selected.

    Man Set Himself on Fire Outside Trump's Trial

    Woman charged after dog attack left child seriously injured in Toronto


    I completely forgot about the time the Rock joined Team Rocket


    Dave Meltzer apologizes for 10 year old video

    Dave Meltzer should never be regarded as a journalist. This is par for the course for him, running with a story as fact without doing so much as the most basic of research. Like reporting tommy dreamer as the new tna head of creative, without so much as a phone call to dreamer to ask if it's true.





    0 Jimmy Carter Calls Late Wife Rosalynn His 'Equal Partner in Everything' After Her Death at 96

    Former President Jimmy Carter paid tribute to his wife, former first lady Rosalynn Carter, in the wake of her death on Nov. 19. They were married for 77 years, the longest of any first couple.

    Jimmy Carter Calls Late Wife Rosalynn His 'Equal Partner in Everything' After Her Death at 96

    Ron DeSantis explains that he does not enhance his height, and that it's a burden being tall (2023)


    The Trekkies didn't like (and in fact got angry) at the mere image of Jedi Master Kirk, with his lightsaber phaser.


    I hear we're posting Kelvin memes this week


    John Brown, tired of waiting for everyone else to catch up, decides to end slavery himself, beginning at Harpers ferry(1856)

    Happy anniversary to raid at Harpers ferry, and the battle cry of hero John Brown!


    Kevin McCarthy announces his next step in trying to stop the government shutdown (2023)




    SNES TMNT Turtles in time. Big Apple, 3AM. by Harumi Ueko (1992)


    Barack Obama declares the start of World war 2 (2023)

    Dunder Mifflin Son_of_dad

    You seriously never noticed? Hey, hats off to you for not seeing race.


    Jackal (1988) by Konami, stage 1 music.