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Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • It's not really abstract, it's pretty close to how advanced economies already work in practice. Fiat currency is the proxy by which goods and services are valued and exchanged. It is the underlying goods and services themselves which actually have intrinsic value, and printing money doesn't actually change that. Deficits are inflationary and surpluses are deflationary. Growth is deflationary and recessions are inflationary. Governments in these economies will always run deficits because you can't have both growth and a surplus at the same time. At the end of the day macroeconomics isn't balancing a spreadsheet as much as it is about balancing the money supply and economic activity.

    This is also why something resembling capitalism is pretty much inevitable in an advanced economy where scarcity is a factor governing economic behavior. If you are using a fiat proxy to mediate economic inputs and outputs, you will end up with market forces. Pretending you can centrally plan around that is naive, which is why harm reduction is the right strategy.

  • Jack Black cancels Tenacious D tour and places future projects on hold after Kyle Gass comments on Trump
  • Shit is so dark right now. The rational, empathetic person in me is still very much in control, and agrees with you. But the geopolitical realist in me is quietly whispering "Kyle has chosen the path of martyrdom."

    The thing is, our opposition is not rational or empathetic.

  • Pony Rule
  • This is my wife. She was raised to believe that all suffering is the body fixing itself and has, on more than one occasion, spent two days in bed with back spasms intead of taking the muscle relaxer the doctor gave her.

    She also believes that fans make you sick. But like, not the fan in the basement which blows the AC through all the vents. That's not a fan, it's a magic wind box. I am assured that this is sound science, just not among western scientists who are in the pocket of big ceiling fan.

  • Based and mass murder of innocents pilled