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Frenchposting (or refusing to do so)
  • I'm French and foreign languages are one of my hobbies. I'm proficient in English and Spanish. I can at a lower level speak some Russian, German, Czech, and Italian.

    Imho the fault lies in our education system which puts a heavy accent on STEM studies and tends to treat anything outside of that as lesser subjects.

    Also from anecdotal evidence the younger generations are quite better than the older ones.

  • Punch left only
  • I'm really impressed at how the whole left managed to unite here in France.

    The only leftwing party that didn't cosign with the NFP (Nouveau Front Populaire / New Popular Front) is FO (Force Ouvrière) a hardline revolutionary trotskist party.

    I hope that the NFP won't be paralized by it's more "moderate" members but including them was necessary for having a shot at getting to the second round of the elections.

  • Punch left only
  • I'd disagree on that.

    I live in a poor rural area (Combrailles - Puys de Dôme) and the area is firmly left. The NFP went first in 3 of the 4 districts in my department.

    Before that I lived for a few years in an area that was waaay richer (Nièvre, a zone with a lot of big cereal agri-businesses) and it was consistently right wing.

    It's a bit more complicated than urban/peri-urban/rural or generational divides. Even if these components each are important in their own right ^^

  • Is it generally safe to walk through a field of cows?
  • With both horses and cows, the stupidest most effective way to make them come see you is turning your back to them amd fiddle with your hands while looking busy.

    That's how curious they are. I really like that trait of character.

  • Mommy, why is the Apple Pie so spicy?
  • I don't really understand, isn't cayenne powder a subtype of chili powder? (cayenne being a chili pepper)'

    I'm not a native English speaker, so I'm very much taking this as a learning opportunity ^^