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It's a choice
  • Magic can be anything as long as we are willing to twist the definition so much it describes fucking nothing

  • What do people today act like is new, when it's already have been a thing or already been around?
  • Why do people act like it's righteous to suck off game companies? They won't send you a copy for defending their honor online, that's some mall ninja shit.

  • Anon watches Clone Wars
  • Because the poster was 12 when the Clone Wars TV show was out and people think what they watched as a kid was good basically automatically.

  • Anon is a samurai
  • Samurai fucking loved guns practically as soon as they were introduced in the 16th century to Japan, and before that they would have been more proud of archery and horsemanship than swordsmanship anyway.

  • Anon catches her boyfriend in a private moment
  • Using "the ick" unironically is way worse

  • Cyberpunk 2077 director thanks fans as the game hits a 95% positive review rating on Steam
  • Reading this thread makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills. This game was mediocre as fuck. The open world was practically empty. There were like five characters with anything but a superficial motivation. Combat is point and click nothingness, there is no strategy whatsoever and the AI is practically nonexistent. Constant bugs and graphical issues. The big fixes only fixes the very last thing.

  • Donald Trump says he'll revoke Joe Biden's protections for trans people 'on day one'
  • I'm sure as a result you do not wear glasses, refuse medical care, etc right? God doesn't make mistakes, right????

    I have news for you, every bigot thinks their theology is direct to the Bible. They're right, it's a despicable book full of vile conduct, most of which is supported by the ugly nonexistent tetragrammaton tyrant you worship.

  • EA wants to place in-game ads in its full-price AAA games, again
  • gluck gluck gluck please let me pay even more money for the privilege of not being advertised to, corpo-daddy

  • 'Your Name' Movie Producer Confesses To Have Paid Over 20 Underage Girls For Sexual Favors - Animehunch
  • You seem to be confusing a heartfelt movie animated in Japan with the contents of your "homework" folder, champ.

  • Projection at Cal Berkeley
  • well, I was all set to agree with them about decarbonizing and deindustrializing, but then they had PUNK in the name, and I prefer my revolutionary movements to be more POLITE THANK YOU

  • About the bear...
  • My grandparents would say something similar to this TikToker about certain "kinds" of people, and I rightfully consider them fucking abhorrent for it. I consider someone who would unironically say this kind of shit to be the same kind of abhorrent.

  • UI elements not visible on pictures
  • Imagine being so counter culture you are scared of saying the fuck word on the internet lol

  • The Ten Forward Hot Take Thread
  • Neelix is basically the only character on Voyager, the writing is so wildly inconsistent or not present at all for the human characters other than maybe B'ellanna. The writers so clearly did not give a shit on VOY.

    ETA I guess it does become the Seven of Nine show eventually, hardly an improvement, but she is technically a character (mean Data with T&A and PTSD).

  • Stellar Blade was unfortunately censored by Sony but gamers around the world create a petition to bring back its originally glory
  • It's weird how some people claim to be sex positive but are just as prudish as the religious conservatives they rail against.

    Would it help if she was 400 pounds? Then it's body positivity, and we're allowed to like that!

  • Iraq makes same-sex relations punishable by up to 15 years in jail
  • Iraq independently passes shitty law

    This is all America's fault even though they aren't there and have nothing to do with it

    Surely if left to their own devices, a woman and LGBT friendly paradise would be there

    America Bad even when an independent country makes its own decision somehow

    You realize that by reducing all political activity in Iraq to the invasion of Iraq, you are posing the Iraqi people as puppets with no will of their own?

  • Biden administration restores protections for gay and transgender Americans seeking health care
  • good things are actually bad every four years, I prefer perfect, the enemy of good

  • U.S. intelligence believes Putin probably didn’t order Navalny to be killed
  • Putin loves white nationalist bullshit lol