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Absolute madlad

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Which communication protocol or open standard in software do you wish was more common or used more?
  • I really hope matrix gets native VoIP. I saw like 2 years ago it was in beta, haven't kept up with it though. I'd also really like voice channels like discord so my friends and I can replace discord but it seems like matrix isn't interested in being a discord replacement

  • Is Lemmy growing or shrinking?
  • I went back on Reddit a couple days ago and the difference is insane. Lemmy post and comments feel like real people. Reddit post are literally the same shit post or questions asked 3 years ago and filled with comments that seem like AI or just someone not putting in any thought

  • Pittsburgh, PA Secret300

    just went for a hike down dead man's. I forgot how beautiful this trail is.

    What are some other good trails around?


    is there a list of instances that defederated from?

    Just curious to see because I noticed any recent beehaw post don't appear


    Is there a site like but uses ipfs?

    Just as the title ask. I just want a file hosting site for images and videos but that uses ipfs

    Edit: I found pretty neat but doesn't host the file for you and let's you upload anything.


    maybe I'm missing something but isn't ipfs just BitTorrent with extra steps

    Maybe I'm too dumb and don't understand but it seems to me it's just like that but with end to end encryption and hashing.

    I'm all for it but I've just been curious as to what all the hype was about


    Manga similar to "A Parallel World With a 1:39 Male to Female Ratio Is Unexpectedly Normal"?

    I just read all that's released so far and was hoping there's something similar


    3DS games lack style

    On the DS and dsi the art style varied between game to game and had a lot to offer. 3ds tho, it's all chibi. It's so annoying.


    Interested to see what comes of this


    is there a plugin that makes it so tamed animals can't be hurt by players?

    Everyone on my server ends up never taking our animals anywhere because if mobs attack then they're just gonna end up getting hit by our sword. Is there a plugin to make it so once they are tamed they can't be damaged by players?

    Fedora Linux Secret300

    2nd creative summit Jan. 23rd to 25th 2024 Creative Freedom Summit - Hosted by the Fedora Design Team

    The conference dedicated to the features and benefits of Open Source creative tools. Be inspired and learn how you can enjoy more creative freedom!

    Creative Freedom Summit - Hosted by the Fedora Design Team
    PlayStation 3 Hacks and Homebrew Secret300

    nopaystation and final fantasy xiii

    I wanted to download it but I'm very confused. It's says it's only 1.78GB but there's just no way. And xiii-2 is normal at 13.87GB. So I searched it on the site but it says both those games are missing. What's happening here?

    Nvm I'm fuckin dyslexic, it says viii