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Pork roll
  • It’s $67 for an 8 pack of Taylor Pork Roll on Amazon. I’m not $67 interested in trying it lol

  • New World Record: Mitsubishi Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube in Just 0.305 Seconds
  • GAN is a great brand. I use Ruwix when I want to learn to solve a new cube. Don’t worry about your times, just have fun with it.

    Also, shoutout [email protected]

  • Oh, NOW I get it!
  • They really do like that white girl though.

  • Oh, NOW I get it!
  • Teenage Mutant Sniffing Turtles. Before battle, they each have a fist sized bump—they just need to wake up a bit.

  • Alex Jones’ personal assets to be sold to pay $1.5B Sandy Hook debt. Company bankruptcy is dismissed
  • He’ll have plenty of time to live in a cardboard box when he’s living in a VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!

  • YouTube is testing server-side ad injection to counteract ad blockers
  • I think they'll hit their teeth against a rock with this.

    Press X to doubt

    Most people do not have an adblocker. Most people watch YouTube to varying degrees of frequency and duration. Most people will continue to watch the ads. I’d be surprised if YT noticed any amount of users leaving the site because of this. The privacy minded folk are few and far between.

  • Downey, Calif., bans Pride flag on city property; L.A. County, state officials clap back
  • It wasn’t an issue until hate groups made it one. They want to take the little victories away from us, and you are OK with the end result. Shame on you.

  • Google Search’s “udm=14” trick lets you kill AI search for good
  • The average user does not care. They will still use Google.

  • US Speaker Johnson: "We don't put any international body above our sovereignty"
  • Somebody get the UN on the phone, they’re going to want to hear this.

  • Trump, accustomed to friendly crowds, confronts repeated booing during Libertarian convention speech
  • From the video:

    Keep getting your 3% every 4 years.

    Then why was he there?

  • Man who police say was recorded attacking pro-Palestinian encampment at UCLA is arrested on suspicion of felony assault
  • Kid never had a chance.

    From the article:

    On’s mother, who told CNN he is a senior at Beverly Hills High School, initially bragged in a now-deleted social media post about her son’s participation in the violent event, circling an image of him and writing “he is all over the news channels.”

    When CNN showed On’s mother a video of him attacking the protestor, she said he was only defending himself. She later said On denied being at UCLA that night.

  • What is the weirdest flavoured thing you've had?
  • I was high at that time, so 20 minutes?

  • 90's Music Jessica

    K-Ci & JoJo - Tell Me It's Real

    THE best K-Ci & JoJo song there is! This is one of my go-to songs when we sing karaoke.

    90's Music Jessica

    Ini Kamoze - Here Comes the Hotstepper (HQ)

    There is another post for this song, however it is the remix. I prefer the original, so here it is 🙂


    Proton Mail Auctioning Rare 'X' Username for Charity, Current Bid as of Posting is $50,000,000USD [Update: $15,000USD] 2023 Proton Fundraiser Auction: X on eBid Europe | 220298374

    2023 Proton Fundraiser Auction: X Listing in the Other,Whatever's Left Category on eBid Europe | 220298374

    2023 Proton Fundraiser Auction: X on eBid Europe | 220298374

    Looking through the history looks a bit suspicious. Even if the questionable bids were removed, it’s still likely to be 100k+ for the username!

    Edit: Closer to $15k right now lol.


    [OC] This knockoff iPhone 12 Pro Max has what appears to be a thin lead bar under the battery.

    The metal is smooth, but not shiny. It is super bendable. As soon as I realized what it was, I stopped handling it and washed my hands.

    Lead is heavy, but seems such an odd choice for a weight in a consumer device. It must have been cheaper or even free.


    NSFW: I am a trans girl who is drunk and high at the same time, AMA!

    Give me your worst, Lemmy! Absolutely nothing is off limits. Let’s get fucking weird!

    I post this here because /c/iama doesn’t seem to be a thing…

    Don’t hold back you jerks!

    EDIT: It’s just about 05:00 for me. Night night! I’ll answer any other questions. In a few hours!