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Fun times ahead!
  • Vote for administrations not single candidates. Trump and his previous administration, and future administration are clearly rotten to the core on every single subject.

    Biden can be old and his administration is still one of the best this country has had. Sure it’s not perfect but none of them will be perfect for everyone, but only one of these two groups is interested in making sure anyone can even try to vote for closer to perfect again in the future. Trump’s entire group has made it plain that even if there’s voting in the future it will only be for those they deem worthy (rich enough) for the privilege. That alone is enough to vote for the Democrats this round.

  • Millennials are 'quiet vacationing' rather than asking their boss for PTO: 'There's a giant workaround culture'
  • I have “unlimited” with the handbook specifically saying we’re to take at least four weeks a year, and it’s the first time in my career I’ve actually been getting time off because of it. Everywhere non unlimited it was never actually approved and I’d get a lousy check every year for it. You know what’s way better than money? Time off.

    If you and your coworkers aren’t using your benefit perhaps you all should discuss it and work out reasonable minimums you all expect to take and then take it. And don’t judge your coworkers for taking any of it.

  • Why so many men like to play with a female character?
  • For Cyberpunk I’ve played both because I play to enjoy the performances, and they’re both different performances. Now when replaying I always do female V because her performance is bloody incredible (not in any way saying the performance of Gavin Drea was bad mind you! But Cherami Leigh knocked it so far out of the park that I consider that personally the “canon” performance)

    The character in the game doesn’t have to have anything to do with me at all. Just like a main character in a movie or a book doesn’t have to look or be anything like me for me to enjoy it. I’m looking for interesting stories not my auto-biography

  • U.S. bans noncompete agreements for nearly all jobs
  • When places talk about how they’ll be “the next Silicon Valley” this is one of the reasons none of them have actually managed it. In CA people in many cases can take a good idea that their employer doesn’t want and do something with it themselves. In most other places it will get so tied up in non competes that it’s not worth the effort to even try.

    And it’s not just tech, here in Colorado we recently had a restaurant try and shut down another restaurant simply because the newer place’s chef had worked at the older place. They settled but it’s so entirely ridiculous that it could have even started court proceedings in the first place.

  • "If you don't vote <insert democrat> democracy will end"
  • Heck, right now, in this same Lemmy:

    All about how Biden’s administration is expanding the Federal TItle IX protections:

    The Biden administration on Friday will announce changes to Title IX, expanding protections for LGBTQ+ and pregnant students while overhauling controversial Trump-era guidance around how schools handled sexual assault cases.

    And here people are acting like they do nothing.

    Did we magically become a far left utopia? Of course fucking not. But Biden has been far more effective and progressive than I ever expected of him having grown up watching him. Does everything take far longer than it should? Yep, welcome to politics where one side is trying to tear down everything (quite literally) as it’s being built. Are things as progressive as I’d like? No of course not, but they’re frequently more progressive than I expected. That’s the unfortunate truth of how things get done.

    And for all the people who are basically saying “I voted once and all my dreams failed to come true”, welcome to your civic duty. Vote the best way you can every election, especially local ones, and realize you’re trying to guide things through your entire lifetime not just 4 years and done.