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remove DRM from Amazon prime downloads?
  • well you see i want a not so well known movie in a specific languge. i couldnt find it anywhere in that language but prime video happens to have said movie in said language. so i thought "hey i already have prime anyway so why not try to get it that way"

  • Confound you, WSUS!
  • I think this may be dependent on the bandwidth. Cause some people in the framework forum reported that dp to thunderbolt adapter works but dp to hdmi doesn't. They also reported issues outside vr with the dp card specifically. So i was wondering wether you had any experience with it. Thank you anyway

  • Confound you, WSUS!
  • Glad to hear that. I plan on getting the 16 but i have a concern about the expansion cards. Specifically the display port one. See i want to get the valve index but that needs Displayport to work. However i have read multiple times that the display port card is kinda buggy varying from person to person. Do you have any experience with the dp expansion card?

  • is there a way to hide the battery saver?

    Specifically i want that the baterry icon in my status bar doesn't change color when the baterry saver is on.

    I have a rooted phone with magisk and lsposed if that helps.

    (My reason for that is that the color doesn't fit with my theming but i need the battery saver to keep my phone from dying throughout the day)


    apps for rooted phone

    Doese anybody have any app recommendations for a rooted phone with lineageOS?

    Things like: A proper file explorer A terminal if possible And apps in general that you can't use without root (i.e. power saver tuner(although it's possible without root))

    Unixporn SaltyIceteaMaker

    how do you theme graphical apps in a wm?

    Pretty much all graphical apps that dont have thier own theming option (like firefox) are always just the white background default theme. No matter wether it's qt or gtk. Wich files would i need to edit to change that? Searching on the internet only told me that i should change an environment variable bit doing so changed nothing even though i have the themes installed

    Unixporn SaltyIceteaMaker

    [i3] i call it Blood Night


    dont mind that cava is white... i forgot to change that

    WM: i3

    Bar: Polybar

    Compositor: Picom

    Terminal: Konsole

    Applauncher: Krunner

    Editor: Neovim with Nvchad with a custom(albeit messy) theme