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US Senate Passes Extensive $105 Billion Aviation Bill Focused On Safety And Passenger Rights
  • Very good reply. But 350B in ticket sales and they still need 100B in public funds?! That's my definition of broken! An industry that relies on taxpayer money to be safe instead of being able to inherently do it is broken to me. Imagine the car industry needing 25%of its net sales in public funding just to keep the wheels on safely....

  • I made a rhyme

    New to Buddhism trying to learn the things so I made a counting rhyme to the tune of "Let the Bodies Hit The Floor". I just like that song and needed a good pneumonic to help me remember what I am doing with all my nows... Hope everyone has a good Friday. Of course the 8 fold path is implied at the end. I figure if i keep this in my mind I'm good...

    Seeking life force (life force) Grand Snake restores.... (here we go here we go here we go now)

    ONE Dharma lets live TWO paths transformative THREE precious Jewels reprieve FOUR noble truths to see FIVE skandahs we perceive SIX bardos left to weave SEVEN points of mind training FOOOOOOOOOLD

    painting STOMPYI


    I have no business picking up a paintbrush I"m a engineer by trade. But I wanted this image out of my head. I call it Mondays... the nonsense we build in our heads when hit tap our fight/flight system.

    I am going to use this as a base and overlay more detail, a lighting strike down the center ( you can see the shadow I have on the boat I'll try and position it properly) and add some massive wave starting to tumble at the top with water misting away as it does in seconds long free fall.

    Any suggestions? I don't know anything about mixing colors or techiques or anything, but my main goal is to have fun.

    This is giving me more respect for artists. Tjhanks!