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Golden rule
  • To be fair being competitive for little things can be fun if everyone else is in the same game

  • Team Fortress 2 Update Released with 64-bit support
  • You are very lucky World of Warcraft isn't in this room

  • Team Fortress 2 Update Released with 64-bit support
  • League of Legends (2009) enters the room

  • Somebody managed to coax the Gab AI chatbot to reveal its prompt
  • Internet political terminology confuses me greatly. There are so many conflicting arguments over the meaning that I have lost all understand of what I am supposed to be. In the politics of the country I live in we refer political thinking into just left or right and nothing else, so adapting is made much more complex.

  • Somebody managed to coax the Gab AI chatbot to reveal its prompt
  • This AI tools that attempt to be made "Unbiased" in the end are just fancy circlejerk machines. The likes of OpenAI 3.5 and 4 base services will likely still be the default for all people that actually use AI for anything non political.

  • DOJ And EU Authorities Call Apple’s Security Defense Bogus
  • i prefer a tool I can actually use for many things without it holding my hand instead of a fancy doorstop

  • [Support] Firefox 115.8.0 ESR is failing Cloudfare's captcha
  • Found the problem in my case. I had a user agent changer addon let to fake Chrome 123 on Windows 10. DIsabled it and it worked.

  • [Support] Firefox 115.8.0 ESR is failing Cloudfare's captcha

    Hello. For a couple of days my browser has been failing automated captchas when it is hosted by Cloudfare. Any other captcha service works well and lets me go trough.

    This is happening on Firefox for Debian Linux 12 (apt). Doesn't happen on Firefox flatpak and Chromium apt.

    What can I do to check further or to give more info?

    European mind cannot comprehend this
  • European too here, but I can make a safe assumption.

    Depending on how bad it can get, unless you are a top percentage you will have financial medical issues. Maybe a good paying job can help when its something more minor, but everything can happen in life and if you have quite the nasty emergency you will regardless end up in dept.

  • [SteamGridDB] Pokemon TCG Live DMCA takedown when?
  • On this game I just got an idea about making a Palworld Trading Card Game images set

  • Italy passes measures to allow anti-abortion activists to enter abortion clinics
  • I absolutely have no idea why this nutface is popular here in Italy despite them literally fucking everyone over.

  • [SteamGridDB] Pokemon TCG Live DMCA takedown when?
  • That's true, but had no idea where else I could post this. I felt this was the closest community.

  • [SteamGridDB] Pokemon TCG Live DMCA takedown when?
  • Unfortunately it seems not much is left, and who originally uploaded didn't still. The game is not that popular unfortunately it's a quite dead f2p game actually.

  • [SteamGridDB] Pokemon TCG Live DMCA takedown when? Pokémon Trading Card Game Live - SteamGridDB

    Custom library assets for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live.

    Pokémon Trading Card Game Live - SteamGridDB

    I have reinstalled the game on my Steam Deck, only to notice all images in the database have been removed!

    I have read absolutely no news on this, and looking it up only the original takedown for the Pokemon Switch games come up and I even remember then still being up after those were removed.

    When did this happen? This is a PC game!

    Using Proton 8+ with GTX 1xxx series GPUs
  • I have no issues with Proton 8 on Nvidia GTX 1050 Mobile. Please be more specific with your info

  • A wonderful day begins
  • I have a special hate for inspirational water bottles, stickers or notebooks.

  • Nintendo confirms it won't attend Gamescom 2024
  • You are free to do so, you are also free to still consume Nintendo media without paying the company.

    Buy used, and mod your consoles.

  • YouTube is finally cracking down on third-party apps like ReVanced
  • This article is pretty much an ad for Youtube Premium

  • catastrophy
  • Finally

  • acceptable screws
  • Was indeed a big catch

  • [Help] Physical YuGiOh Card Game player ID, and how to register it.

    I own a physical Konami ID card with its code, never activated it. One like this: !

    I also have a digital Konami ID for Duel Links and Master Duel that also has its own code.

    I want to use the unregistered ID in tournaments, as the mobile internet I own is too weak to load the website properly and in a timely matter. But I cannot find a way to bind this physical ID to my account, without creating a new one.

    How do I bind this card to my account, or how do I request a physical Konami ID card for my current account status?

    Or maybe you suggest to have a clean Konami ID account for tournaments?


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