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Crazy girlfriend
  • What's not to enjoy? We have our own beautiful rainforest within a couple hours of ocean beaches or a couple hours of snowboarding or a couple hours of sand dunes or a couple hours of river rafting or ....

  • TIL humans are the only animal with a chin. We aren't sure why.
  • This makes more sense than the need to put on pillow cases (which has been my prevailing theory up to this point), but your question about corvids intrigues me. Partially because I'm not entirely certain of what a corvids is.

  • Stay Mad, Tankies
  • I assume you are referring to supplying weapons to Israel, in which case, do you think Trump (who called Biden a 'Palestinian' as an insult during the debate) will be the better choice and stop supplying weapons to Israel?

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  • Don't forget that God populated the earth with multiple tribes of people, gave them all a different origin story, then told each of them that theirs was the only correct one and all others must be vanquished, resulting in a never-ending battle between the tribes and slaughtering millions in the process.

    Truly a being of love and compassion. /s

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  • Sounds like one of the driving forces of republicans, and conservatives in general: "We are corrupt, hypocritical, and just plain evil. You NEED us in charge of everything so we can protect you from people like us!"

  • Mythbusters
  • Plane on a treadmill always seems so obvious to me. Planes don't have power connected to their wheels. Put a plane on a dynamometer and crank the engine up as fast as it will go, and the wheels will still not spin. At the same time, water planes use pontoons and are still able to take off just fine.

    The question I have is, can a plane take off with a tailwind that matches the speed that the propeller is pushing out.

  • Has anyone been on the Star Trek cruise and have some advice for a first-timer? Star Trek: The Cruise 2025 - Star Trek: The Cruise 2025

    Star Trek: The Cruise is the ultimate immersive Star Trek experience, a 7-day voyage shared by a star-studded crew and passionate fans.

    Star Trek: The Cruise 2025 - Star Trek: The Cruise 2025

    I'm fed on the 2025 cruise with my buddy, thanks to our scheming wives, and am curious if there is any advice or "pro-moves" we should know about.

    Also, if you'd just like to share your experiences, that'd be cool, too.

    BudgetAudiophile SPRUNT

    Recommendations for whole house/property audio, preferably with the ability to do different zones at the same time.

    My wife and I are moving from a condo to a house in a month and I'd like to set up a "proper" audio system on the property such that my wife can listen to one thing in her office, I can listen to something else in the garage, and my kids can listen to something in their rooms. The Sonos system is what I think I aspire to, but I haven't looked into things for a dozen+ years so don't really know what all is out there.

    I currently have a bunch of Google pucks across the house, but would like better-quality audio than those provide.

    Any alternatives to Sonos that have feature parity (or near-parity)?


    Feature/Option request: An overlay, when replying to any post or comment, that reminds the user what group (subreddit sigh) they are commenting in.

    I think a lot of people forget to check where they are before replying to things (me especially). Serious replies show up in shitposts and are then apologized for, joke comments are made in communities that are more serious, etc.

    I was thinking it'd be nice to have the option to make me click through a confirmation of the community I'm in before crafting a data-driven response to something in an askmelolz group.

    Bonus points for making it big and colorful :D


    Ok, hear me out...What if there really ARE lizard people aming us?

    We know that before us there were dinosaurs who ruled for billions of years, which are reptilian. Boom goes the asteroid dynamite, and mammals start their reign. Billions of years later, here we are.

    But what if evolution follows a pattern of sorts, and "reptilian" is always the starting point as life moves from water to land? In that case, there would be planets which didn't have a global extinction event that reset and altered the evolutionary path, allowing the reptilian life on those planets a billions-years head start on evolution and advancement. Assuming that intelligence is a large factor in evolutionary advancement, that would put a reptilian species significantly ahead of us technologically. So much so that they wouldn't have an issue using their advanced technologies to fully disguise themselves and integrate into our societies for study or whatever other purposes.

    In conclusion, there are likely reptilian aliens living among us. Could be a colleague or neighbor, or that guy you've always referred to as "uncle" even though he's not related to you. Regardless of who they are, I doubt they came all this way to do us harm. That'd be like a Canadian traveling to Australia for the sole purpose of destroying an anthill. Whatever resources we can think of that they would want from us will have been long since solved by them (if they have FTL travel, they'll have molecular printers/replicators). The only unique thing we have is our humanity, and wiping us out defeats the purpose.

    The aliens that are here are here for either scientific purposes, or were entertaining enough to be a tourist destination.

    Also, we may be the only planet with nachos, so we're undoubtedly going to attract every corner of the universe.


    What does your religion say about existing with other religions?

    I only have a familiarity with Christianity and the "no other gods before me" thing. I am curious what other religions have to say about it.


    Is it immoral, unethical, or illegal to use movie prop money for collection plates, tip jars, beggars, and strip clubs?

    If I'm paying for my goods and services with actual money, but using prop money for tips, is that bad? In my understanding, tips are given of one's own free will and would be considered a gift to the recipient, the same as if I gave flowers or cookies as a tip. I've also seen fake money passed off by religious people that looks fully real on one side, and has church propaganda on the other side.

    This is a hypothetical question that came up when assembling a gag gift for my kid from my parent. I don't plan on doing it (though, there are some instances where it'd be VERY tempting...), but it does make me curious.


    The Fox Business channel showing a Cops marathon kinda sums it up