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Gotta love Reddit. Almost 10000 comments in an hour? Welp, better remove the post.
  • I think they did this to create a megathread for it. I dont think they have a function to move all comments from one post to another though.

    Also, given how left leaning Reddit is nowadays (or maybe more accurately, how much Redditors hate Trump specifically), I would imagine there were probably a lot of comments that violated the rule about "don't wish death or harm on anyone else," which is honestly a rule that all humans should have the basic decency of applying to everything.

  • Former Bungie, Pokémon Lawyer Explains How They Caught Leakers
  • And he still didnt answer yes or no. His response, to immediately bring up that "hacking" is a federal crime, implied that the kid is in trouble, but then what he said after changed it to "well, the kid WOULD be in trouble, but if you do XYZ, maybe we can change that." That's a threat, plain and simple.

  • Introducing PCSX2 2.0!
  • Interesting, but isn't this already stuff that was present in 1.7.0? I have already been using the Qt interface, Vulkan, Auto Updater, and other such options.

    I mean, its obviously nice to see fixes but jumping directly from 1.7. To 2.0 shouldn't feel this.... small?

  • Where to learn about engines?
  • As an Old Car Haver myself, I would definitely not recommend someone learn on one unless finding parts is very easy. Maybe something like a Mustang or Camaro, but definitely not anything like a Studebaker or Oldsmobile. And unfortunately, the popular cars they still make parts for don't come cheap.

  • Ubisoft’s apology for stolen imagery in Assassin’s Creed Shadows followed by further call for revision of Collector’s Edition artbook
  • Or that song that went viral in Japan "Why Yasuke," perhaps, which mentions AI being used to generate the game's concept art?

    People call AI art stolen all the time. I don't see why this should be treated any different. Concept art goes into an artbook, and if generative AI was used then I don't see how this doesn't have anything to do with the game and its art.

  • Custom Starfield Elite Controller
  • The James Webb telescope is truly iconic in its design. I also like the gold, but I think if it was a mirror-like finish it would look a lot better. Personally when I first saw the gold I thought of Cassini, which was coated in gold colored foil.

  • Where to learn about engines?
  • Mowers are an okay start, theyre usually 2 strokes so a bit different from a car but they still have many similar parts.

    You might be able to ask around at junkyards/pick a part places if they have engines, especially broken or damaged ones. Even if you never put it together to get it working, you can still learn a lot from just disassembly/reassembly. You could ask local shops if they will let you be an apprentice, maybe make a little money while you learn.

    Recommend watching YouTube videos, not necessarily "build videos" since I find those pretty stupid usually, but videos about disassembly and reassembly are important. Cleaning, machining, etc are usually good ones too. Curmudgeon Transmissions is one I like for transmission videos, for example. I like to find the old guys, because theyre the ones with all the years of experience and I find I learn way more from them than from younger guys.

  • if you like doing your job and going home, how do you bear with coworkers who are lazier but more popular than you and get away with doing less?
  • If I am happy with my job, then I don't care about what others are doing unless it directly effects me. I picked a line of work where I don't really have to rely on too many other people doing a lot of work for me to do my job (auto mechanic). So if someone else is working slow, I don't really care unless its the parts person or service writer. And if they're being slow, I will just physically stand in front of them an watch them do whatever I need right there, then I can leave and keep working.

    Don't compare yourself to other people, its a dangerous trap. Every person is different and capable of maintaining different work levels. Otherwise you mighr end up overconfident or depressed.

    If someone who isn't your boss is ordering you around, just ignore them. They're not your boss.

  • Ubisoft’s apology for stolen imagery in Assassin’s Creed Shadows followed by further call for revision of Collector’s Edition artbook
  • Is this in response to Satoshi Hamada tweeting the idea of bringing up the game to the Japanese Diet ("dee-eht," which is a funny looking name but its basically the equivalent of Congress for Japan, with a House of Peers and a House of Representatives)? Or that song that went viral in Japan "Why Yasuke," perhaps, which mentions AI being used to generate the game's concept art?

    Ubisoft, just say the game is fantasy. Change it to Assassin's Creed Isekai. Don't present the game's content as historical fact when there is no evidence to back it up. Its disrespectful not only to erase a Japanese male main character from the single game he would arguably belong in, but also to the real Yasuke who isn't seen by Ubisoft as anything other than "a black person."

  • Error:language_not_allowed

    I am getting kinda sick of constantly not being able to post comments on seemingly random posts due to this error.

    The instance is English, the post title is English, and my comment is in English. I have even logged into my instance website to change the language settings to have both "Undetermined" and "English" selected, and that still doesn't work. Not all posts have this problem, and not even posts in just one community or instance. Seems like the error is completely random.

    I have to imagine this is an error specific to Connect for Lemmy, since I don't get the same error if I comment from my web browser. It seems to come from Connect for Lemmy not having an option to set the comment language when posting? Can that be corrected please?