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So what have you been doing while waiting for Dawntrail?
  • I'm just now at stormblood lol. Have to redo all my hotbars (twice if I want my crafter/gathering on my steam deck.) since I didn't remember to carry over that file when installing Linux.

    My fc went hard on Endwalker so I'm glad most of them will be coming back for Dawntrail.

    Not looking forward to the long duty times since both new classes are DPS, though I main SMN for a reason so I guess I'll just be a scholar for a bit for that bonus 😁

  • Microsoft Ending Support For Windows Subsystem For Android
  • My lemmy app decided to not show me this reply, but that is already something I was thinking about but hadn't looked into where to start. It looks like that will actually be perfect to just install and go so thank you!