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Google Is the Only Search Engine That Works on Reddit Now Thanks to AI Deal
  • Usually when I try to get help with a "real" problem through discord, I get crickets

  • Rule
  • I assume there's another person behind the fish who's actually holding it

  • KDE + Gnome on Atomic Fedora
  • I'm not sure about the bazzite part, but running both kde and gnome is not typically recommended. Kde changes a bunch of theming and miscellaneous settings whenever you launch it, and gnome doesn't change them back automatically. If you only care about running one game rather than daily driving gnome you should be fine though

  • LAPD warns residents after spike in burglaries using Wi-Fi jammers that disable security cameras, smart doorbells
  • You do realize it stops wifi in general from working, not just the cameras

  • Sell us on your favorite exotic/niche distro
  • Not to be confused with ChimeraOS

  • o olin e sike rule
  • mi olin e leko

  • How often do you consume the stuff you pirate? How do you avoid "hoarding"?
  • Where do you get such cheap storage? I've seen it closer to $20/TB usually

  • Firefox CTO Responds On Collecting User Advertisement Data
  • I've switched to librewolf. Continues to encourage an open web by taking away chromium market share, without having to deal with mozilla's bs

  • [YT] Less Than Half of Android Users Have Upgraded to Android 13 or 14! 🤯
  • You can run new android on an old kernel, see lineageos

  • Ex-Porsche Lawyer Sentenced After Throwing Her Newborn Out Window So It Wouldn't Disrupt Her Career
  • If you can't stand to give your baby up, you're also not going to be willing to throw it out the window

  • no title could exist for this
  • Assuming this is from this year, 2024 - 2018 = 6

  • It's surprising that no one has thought of it first.
  • Even assuming use of your legs, you can't steer this

  • I like C programs for their speed
  • Did you notice how it also mentions the speed of light?

  • Extracting frames from a video with ffmpeg very slow if not using jpeg
  • Have you verified that they're actually new jpeg artifacts, not just the h264 artifacts?

  • A strange "terminal emulator" idea I got, tho I bet this exists
  • kde's discover and gnome software have both worked fine for me, for the most part

  • Kind of hard considering you can't interact with literally anyone without them going "hey, aren't you joe biden?"

  • Just kind of makes sense no?
  • If you put solar panels above your crops, that makes them significantly harder to harvest

  • 18-year-old charged with violating mask law: ‘I didn’t even know it was a law. Nobody knew it was a law’.
  • It's the first photo if you read the caption, it's just not easily recognizable as a mask

  • Absolutely deranged
  • I have some left for the same reason, the hard part is figuring out where I left them

  • First

    ratio @marine


    This Better Be Good! (Minecraft Starblight Desert) - Episode 16 - VintageBeef POV