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Just happy to help
  • Oh my teammates definitely noticed my mistakes. I picked up someone else's support weapon after they died and they held me at gunpoint until I figured out how to drop it. It was hilarious and I'm really glad they put up with my incompetence.

  • Just happy to help
  • Yeah, my brother enjoys the game for the chaos. Whenever I play with him I just roleplay as a super earth zealot, that way regardless of if I'm being sweaty or not everyone gets to have fun for their own reasons.

  • Just happy to help
  • I'm still learning the game and one of the things I think is really funny is the fact that I play it completely wrong from an "optimal gameplay" perspective. I was in a group with good players who were patient enough to show me the ropes, but I could feel them facepalming whenever I did something stupid. It's always fun being the self aware new guy when your teammates are willing to put up with your incompetence because they recognize you're still learning.

  • Even if god exists religion can't possibly be the way to god
  • Ah... Yeah. Idk. If I was god I'd make it so anyone who wanted to find me could find me through any path regardless of where they started at. Assuming "god" exists and is at least that benevolent then there's nothing to worry about regardless of your religion.

  • Even if god exists religion can't possibly be the way to god
  • I think if god exists it would design a system that would lead you to it if you wanted to find it. In which case religion wouldn't have to be the only way to find god.

    But I suppose I should ask what do you mean by the "way to god"?

  • Just sprinkle it on
  • In my opinion the only god worth thinking about is one that is beyond human comprehension. Once you restrict a god to only only following human logic god ceases to be interesting.

  • All possible permutations
  • Gotcha gotcha. In other words: us being monkeys generating random output is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, so saying "it's true" is unscientific. Yes, it could be true if free will didn't exist, but since that's not something that can be proven we shouldn't use it as the basis for how we view reality. Something like that?

  • All possible permutations
  • I guess I don't think I see how that contradicts the initial post, but maybe that's just because I'm reading the post as saying the same thing as "leave enough hydrogen alone for long enough and eventually it starts thinking"

  • All possible permutations
  • I don't quite understand what you're saying. You say "Hamlet was written with intention", which in the case of that it was written by humans I agree with. But what about in the case of the monkeys?

    We know Hamlet can be written with intention, but do the monkeys with typewriters imply that it needs to be or not to be? That is my question.

  • Seems awfully dangerous
  • Absolutely. There's a feeling of being more "present" in the world. It's more stimulating for your senses, which I think is ultimately why your brain rewards you for it with dopamine.

  • Seems awfully dangerous
  • I enjoy the thought of living a life worth dying for, but I suppose you could look at it as if I'm killing myself in order to live my life?

    Driving a car is also a behavior that increases the chances of getting into an accident, but I don't think think you'd call everyone who drives a car suicidal. (Or maybe you would, which I think would be totally fair based on your previous point.)

    If I was speeding around without a helmet because I hated my life and wanted to die to get away from my responsibilities I think I'd be more likely to call that behavior "suicidal".

  • Seems awfully dangerous
  • I struggle to see how it is suicidal. I define suicide as "trying to kill yourself." I don't see how accepting my mortality and not letting the fear of death get in the way of enjoying my life could be classified as suicidal.

  • Seems awfully dangerous
  • Agreed that it's insane. The way I look at it is that there is an inherent amount of danger in any activity. Doesn't matter how safe or dangerous something is, conscious acceptance of the risk is satisfying.

  • Is It Possible for Atheists to Have "Objective Morality"?
  • I don't see how moral beliefs based on religious authority could be considered "objective."

    I look at all the splintering of religions that resulted from moral disagreements and differing interpretations of their religious texts and don't feel inclined to believe that morality derived from religion has any particular value in my world.

  • Seems awfully dangerous
  • Personally that's why I enjoy riding. It requires me to let go of the idea that I have overarching control of my life. Any day could be my last, and if today is my last day I'd like to enjoy it.