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What's the most annoying thing?
  • That's funny, I would put that in like 5th place, and was going to say constant complaining. We had to go back to the office (hybrid if you want but at least 3 days a week they said) I expected some degree of complaints but the 2 men who sit next to me complain incessantly all day. All day.

  • Human attributes for alien contact
  • Nobody who is an aliens conspiracy person, they wouldn't be believed. Schizophrenia I think would let someone receive telepathy but again, unreliable.

    If they can abduct me, and communicate with me, why do they want to communicate telepathically with the rest of humanity, why not contact using technology, our technology? If they were so very different there is no way they could communicate that idea to me clearly.

  • YSK there is a massive Google Doc of U.S. gynecologists that will tie your tubes without asking about your kids, marital status or age.
  • I had kids when I got together with my now-husband and he did too, and I had a history of literally falling pregnant each of the times I didn't use birth control, so he was vasectomized AND I had IUD put in, together this was as good as science can do now and it worked perfectly. Vasectomy can regrow but IUD is very reliable.

    I guess if sex isn't important to you then enjoy, or if you can enjoy sex with men that would also be 100% no chance of pregnancy. But for me, it's such a wonderful part of life, letting fear rule it seems bad.

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • I don't think it was the boomers, that's the disco and Debbie Harry generation, right? In the 1970s the natural shape was fine and average bra size 34B. So boobs were smaller and bras less essential. The Wonderbra is the time I remember this changing, so sadly I believe it was us, GenX, who drove this change. Not me personally, I hate it. But my age group.

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • Size of boobs has no bearing on milk production. We all have the same equipment in there, more or less, most of the difference in breast size is just fat. I never got big boobs while nursing and made so much milk, it's made on demand when the baby nurses, not stored in the boobs!

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • I have never needed one for support, but for the past 20, 30 years the US has had some sort of weird rule that only smooth lumps are professional, no hint of actual breast shape. That's easing in non-professional public life, finally, so I don't wear one a lot of the time, but at work wear something with light padding to make that weird Barbie doll lump shape.

    Sports bra for running, yes that serves a practical function - holds the boobs still so they don't bounce and hurt. So if one is more endowed and bouncing in everyday life, I imagine that a bra with structural support would be more comfortable than nothing.

    I really wanted to answer that the point is right at the front of each cup!

  • Expansive new study points to distinct brain networks linked to sex and gender
  • Who decides what is "real" though, if it's not the person in the body? So someone says they are a boy, but the MRI says nope, you are wrong, you are a girl through and through.

    What if I am a cis woman and have a mind that works more like a guy's mind? But if I still am comfortable and happy in my woman's body, who cares how my mind works? Nobody, that's who. Why would trans people not get the same consideration?

    I just don't think it makes sense to use tech to invalidate someone's experience, and it's just not anyone's business if someone wants a different body. My sister got big fake boobs, nobody said "well, you don't have a body that matches the boobs" they just gave her what she asked for and paid for. Why can't a man do that if he wants? Why does he have to prove he's a woman first?

    None of that makes sense to me.

  • Sizing pants: men's vs women's
  • Women's pants are also bad about that. I was underweight from stress during my breakup and most women's tall sizes start at a "6" which is like a men's 32, more or less. I was not that big at that point. And to make matters worse, many of the allegedly tall pants just have a longer inseam and are not longer in the rise, as though all difference in height is just legs.

    Gap makes tall men's (I just checked and they go down to 32"waist and have 36" inseam and right now the slim fit is so, so cheap in price) and women's pants, they actually do make them tall not just longer inseam. I am not tall enough for their tall pants but get the best fit by buying tall and hemming them, because standard fit (to the extent it even exists in women's clothing) is wedgie city, not long enough. They also make tall shorts, which is amazing,they actually fit.

  • Why is homebrewing so middle-class, straight, white, male?
  • I am a lady and I ferment plenty of stuff, both drinks and foods. But don't like beer, so I don't make it. The only guy I know who makes beer is a white guy, so my experience mirrors yours, but it's also true that there are minority run commercial breweries and distilleries so I'm sure there is home brewing going on too.

  • Planning to propose in a few months, what should I look for in a good value engagement ring?
  • I have Moissy ring and it's gorgeous. I'd have been pissed to get something that cost more. It's really a pretty stone, and durable as fuck.

    You will need an idea of her taste in jewelry, ask her literally to send you pictures of what she likes. I think a solitaire is best and that is way more affordable if it's not diamond, or at least that was true when we were getting engaged.

  • The darkest Dark and Stormy The Waterfront Fernet-Branca Cocktail Recipe | PUNCH

    This cocktail recipe makes a boldly bitter, minty Dark ’n' Stormy courtesy of Fernet-Branca evangelist Damon Boelte.

    The Waterfront Fernet-Branca Cocktail Recipe | PUNCH

    From Punch.

    I am making ginger beer this week and sort of dreaming about what to do with it after my Dry July. I don't have the minty Fernet, but may aquire it to try this.


    N/A - La Verdita

    Recipe is in the non alcoholic pinned post.

    Funny looking but really good. Made a half batch of the Verdita syrup, my jalapeno was not spicy but I guess that's better than too spicy. Mojito Mint.

    Next one I may use tepache, not tonic, and spicy it with some fire tincture. But it's very good.


    July cocktail contest - Dry Dry July

    The July contest is a non-alcoholic cocktail, must contain at least 3 ingredients. Non-alcoholic for purposes of this challenge is defined as non-intoxicating, not absolute absence of ethanol so a squirt of a tincture, splash of bitters, a base of kombucha or fermented ginger beer is allowed, also caffeine at reasonable level but a THC cocktail would be disallowed.

    Happy July!


    Made fresh pineapple juice, suggestions?

    I made today a pineapple margarita with mezcal, tequila, lime, and the fresh pineapple juice. One more day before I start Dry July and I would like a banger, this is good but not great.

    Any suggestions for this weekend, also anything interesting and pineapple not alcoholic would also be most welcome. I am making tepache, but it's not done will make ginger beer, have mint in the garden, have tonic water, will probably buy some Chinotto soda too.


    Punch - Most searched cocktails of June The 5 Most Popular Cocktails of June

    Here are the drinks that you couldn’t get enough of this month.

    The 5 Most Popular Cocktails of June

    Apparently we were a bitter bunch in June!


    A sidecar-ish

    This is delicious. Fruity, tart, round in flavor.

    2oz cognac

    1oz Giffard Abricot

    1oz Heirloom Pineapple Amaro

    1oz lemon (a little more than an ounce, lemon was juicy)

    Shake everything, a coupe would be ideal but it's too hot now to have an outdoor drink without ice. I wouldn't make any substitutions or corrections so it should probably have a name, but I can't think of one. The cognac and apricot are French, the Amaro is American Hipster, the flavor smooth as hell, feel this should be easy but my brain is fried from work.


    Paper Plane on a rainy day, what are you having?

    The rain lilies are happy, and I am enjoying the rain with a paper plane. So happy the rainy season has arrived at last.

    What are y'all drinking?


    Mezcalita, or, a comedy of errors.

    Well, this was quite a journey but it's good.

    I was going to have a margarita with our dinner of chicken and black bean enchiladas, oh no, used almost all the tequila making a batch of margarita and one of Paloma for memorial day. Ok, plug the gap with mezcal, the good one. Measure the juice from my measley lime, nope not enough, juice my last lime, well now it's too much but I don't want to waste it. So a smidge of simple. I'll be damned, it ended up very good but I do think it is because of the good mezcal.

    1oz Tequila Ocho claro

    1oz Del Maguey Chichicapa

    1oz orange liqueur

    1.25 oz lime

    .25oz simple (1/1)


    Ranglum Berlin’s Modern Classic, the Ranglum, Is No Ordinary Rum Sour

    In less than two decades, the tropical drink has become a sleeper hit in the local cocktail scene.

    Berlin’s Modern Classic, the Ranglum, Is No Ordinary Rum Sour

    Punch has such good articles. Any Germans who can confirm this is a local drink? I've never heard of it. I particularly liked the line:

    "The simplest cocktails have the smallest margin for error."


    Pineapple & Bourbon cocktail

    I am making tepache, and juiced the fruit of the pineapples. This is heavenly, if you don't have the pineapple Amaro a spiced and slightly bitter but not too heavy amaro, like Toscana might work, or Ancho Reyes original but I highly recommend the Heirloom for fruity drinks, it's so good.

    2 oz fresh pineapple juice

    2 oz bourbon (stronger is better)

    1 oz Heirloom Pineapple Amaro

    1 oz lime juice


    I first mashed the tajin in a mortar and pestle. Wiped the rim of the glass with the squished lime and rolled it in the tajin, put big ice cube in the glass. Then shake everything else together and pour into prepared glass. My pineapple juice is very, very sweet this time, you might need to adjust if you have a more acidic one.


    June Cocktail Contest - hot, hot, hot

    Happy first birthday to Cocktails@lemmy-world!

    For June, the challenge is a hot cocktail - either spicy or literally hot. Bring on the heat! Warm yourself if you are in the southern hemisphere, or cool off with a spicy spicy drink if it's summer (it is very much summer here).

    No specified ingredient this round, doesn't have to be alcoholic but must contain at least three ingredients, most upvoted wins.


    The game!

    I was having a cocktail of cognac, apricot liqueur, and lemon juice, and thinking we could have a game. Make a drink using one of the ingredients in the previous drink. So to start - a drink with cognac, apricot liqueur, or lemon juice.

    One more rule: don't repeat the chosen ingredient - so Ruaidhrigh brought the lemon juice from the first drink into the amaretto sour - next drink can't use lemon as the one ingredient brought forward.


    The Fox River Bring Back the Fox River

    At Beverly Hills’ Spago, the crème de cacao–spiked Old-Fashioned is reimagined as an easy-going stone fruit julep.

    Bring Back the Fox River

    I like Punch's "bring back the" series. Readable and interesting, often like this one, new versions of old forgotten drinks. I wouldn't go to the trouble of making peach bitters, and not sure I could handle something so sweet but the flavors seem mighty interesting.


    What are you drinking, Lemmy? Memorial Day weekend edition

    I'm kicking off a long weekend with a paper plane with one oz of cognac added. Perfect.

    Has anyone tried Frapin 1270, their entry level congac? I have the namesake perfume and like it a lot, but that doesn't seem like a good enough reason to buy the booze.



    A hybrid.

    2oz tequila

    2oz fresh grapefruit juice

    1 oz fresh lime juice

    1/2 oz Campari

    1/2 oz simple syrup

    Shake all, add 2 oz fizzy water, dirty pour into glass.

    Delicious, honestly. Increase the sugar if you want it more Paloma like, or more of the Topo Chico, to make one like like Texas ranch water. Sub mezcal if you really hate Campari, but you may like it in this.


    Saturday drink, what are you having?

    I'm having a bourbon and amaretto sour (inverted Morganthaler recipe, basically). Are you having a Saturday drink?


    Riff on Pas de Loup

    Not much to look at but tastes good.

    1 oz whiskey (bourbon is all I had but I would try with Scotch)

    1oz Mezcal

    1/2 oz Ancho Reyes

    3/4 oz Cynar

    1 oz lemon, 1 oz honey syrup

    It's quite good, I found the original on Mixel app, it seems they scraped it from Reddit? Original omits the whiskey, halfs the lemon and sweetener. But even with the additions I taste mostly mezcal and Ancho. Bitter in a good way.


    Hi Lemmy, what are you drinking this weekend?

    I'm just having coffee (moka pot coffee with foamed milk!) and water today, can't relax yet. Considering what to make in the weekend.


    Smoky Spicy Strawberry

    A boozy Saturday drink.

    2oz bourbon

    .75oz good mezcal

    .75oz berry liqueur (any will work, or berry syrup, I used Montbisu Framboise)

    Bare splash of vanilla liqueur, shake of bitters, or splash of absinthe or amaro (I used the vanilla, if you have a more interesting berry liqueur it might not need anything here but mine is not complex)

    2 dropperful of fire tincture

    4 strawberries plus one for garnish

    1/2 tsp sugar (might not need if you have better strawberries)

    3/4 of a lemon

    Quarter the strawberries and put in shaker with 1/4 if the lemon, add the sugar and muddle the fruit. Add the booze, tincture, and juice of the half a lemon. Shake with ice and double strain, serve over big ice, garnish with the remaining strawberry.

    It's very good, I like bourbon with mezcal and like bourbon with strawberry so thought it worth trying. Lemon peel muddled adds bitter edge, don't omit.

    I was trying to make a strawberry heart but it came out more like wings!


    Queer Old Friend

    I am really sorry I didn't get a picture of the finished drink, too dark but it's gorgeous. I don't like the gin I have and thought vodka and mastiha would be more to my taste so:

    1.5 oz vodka

    2 oz adjusted grapefruit juice (juiced one sweet pink grapefruit and one lime, mixed, then measured 2 oz of the mix)

    1/2 oz each of the St. Germain, the Campari, and the Mastiha.

    Shaken, poured what fit into a coupe and drank the rest from the shaker, it's delicious and the dark pink with foam is really beautiful.