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Outer wilds: at what point should I give up?
  • I played it for like an hour or so, but it didn't click either. I'll give it another go one day, but there are just too many games in my backlog right now

  • What video games would you rather watch someone else play than play it yourself?
  • There are a couple of occasions where I watch someone else playing: when deciding if the game is worth buying (gameplay vs cutscenes) and when I'm stuck in a part of a game I can't really google.

  • Before your change to Linux
  • Yes.

    For me it would be harder to gather the same know-how on closed systems, because you need your company to back your training on the tools you need to do a job, spend money on the licenses, jump tool when the vendors decide to discontinue a product, etc. Where I come from, if you work for a small company you'd be expected to learn as you go. Maybe things are better now, I don't know.

    In my opinion Linux (well, FOSS actually) gave me a great big box of small LegoTM bricks and the freedom to build anything out of it. So I've worked with HW clusters, then virtualization was all the rage when CPUs gained more power, then containers, then container orchestration, then cloud... Complexity is increasing, but the knowledge I gained from knowing that in the end it is just a bunch of processes running on a Linux kernel makes learning the next big thing more manageable.

  • Before your change to Linux
  • Greybeard here.

    I worked for a company with a wild mix of DOS, Win 3.1, and Win 3.11. Then we got new PCs, some ethernet hubs and switches (instead of the damn coax cable with terminators) and started to move to Win95.

    Win 95 was a beast. It came in a bunch of floppies. It took ages to install, and you'd find after one hour that the last floppy was corrupt. Also, on our cheap hardware (Siemens-Nixdorf Pentium PCs) sometimes the sound card or the ethernet card would go missing. Nothing short of a reinstall would solve it. Temporarily, of course.

    The Win 98 came along. All our problems were solved. It was a 32 floppy install job, if memory serves. No, no CDs on our company. Still, it crashed a lot, and Microsoft Office had a tendency to simply destroy 100+ page documents when it was not crashing.

    At home I used Windows, because how else am I going to play games, right? But I kept experimenting with Linux, and liked what I saw. There were many pieces missing (no USB for a very loooong time, for instance), but what was there was rock solid compared to Windows. And you could COMPILE YOUR OWN DAMN KERNEL, fer chrissake! How powerful was that?

    Eventually, distros started to emerge that made some pain points go away. I remember Corel Linux, Caldera Linux, Mandrake, RedHat, etc. I settled with Debian because 'apt-get dis-upgrade', of course. Then Ubuntu came along and made Linux more pretty and usable for simple folk. They even sent you a free CD by mail if you asked them.

    I got ever more tired of Windows nuking my boot sector, the viruses (virii?), the hunting around for drivers, the having to throw away good peripherals because windows thought were too old to support.

    I made a choice and dropped Windows. I missed a lot of the gaming scene until Wine and Steam caught up with the state of the art. In the mean time I made use of emulators and had a good time playing console and arcade games.

    Oh I was teased about it. Fellow IT workers (proper MSCE type people) would give me a hard time because "Linux has no future", "Unix is dying". I guess the future proved I was right. I now earn more that they do.

  • They scared now
  • All I know about British politics I learned from "Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister", so I know for sure nothing will change.

  • Linux during the mid to late 90s (Windows 95 and 98 era)
  • I had erased that information from my memory. Also it took a long time for Linux to gain USB support, then a long time to get WIFI (also because of the cheap vendors that used windows drivers to do the heavy lifting). Yeah, it was a very uphill struggle, with Microsoft actively pushing against Linux (remember the 'Linux is a virus' narrative?) I'm amazed we made it this far.

  • Are there any games you're planning to pick up during the Steam and GOG sales?
  • You're an inspiration to us all. Well done, sir!

    I on the other hand may have crossed the threshold where I have more games than time to live. I'd better get a move on.

  • How much success have you had with modded Skyrim specifically?
  • It started with me manually downloading a mod and shoving the files into the Steam game directly.

    Then I installed the windows version of Nexus Mods Manager using Wine and pointed it to the Skyrim in Linux Steam that runs as a Flatpak.

    Yes, it is a dumb hack. But it works.

  • Steam users have spent $19 billion on games they’ve never played
  • Sorry everyone. Ill try to do better, I promise.

  • [Very bad take] Why open source are not that important (servers and IT)
  • I understand that.

    I upvote insightful, educational or newsworthy content and downvote clickbait. Especially YouTube clickbait.

  • I am inevitable.
  • It's not the cost. I've not pirated anything since Steam and GOG came along. It's just that games nowadays want you to be online all the time, force you to open accounts you don't want, try to sell you in game items (that's a brilliant idea to get money from certain types of people, a bit like religion, do congratulations to whoever came up with that).

    I want games to be single player playable, offline, start to finish. I'll buy expansion packs if the game is worth it. It's it too much to ask?

  • What games did you have a good time with that you just never finished?
  • The one that still pains me to this day is Black Mesa.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, I even played it before the last chapter was done. I was really excited to go through the redesigned Xen levels, and was enjoying every minute.

    Then they throw that massive spider into a huge arena filled with micro obstacles that prevent you from properly avoid all the multiple types of attacks it throws at you, while absorbing insane amounts of rockets.

    I'm not a skilled gamer but I was moving through the game just fine until someone decided to crank the difficulty to eleven.

    That killed the game right there for me. Other than that, it's a brilliant game that I heartily recommend.

  • Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • True, and as if that was not enough we now have to deal with LLM generated content feeding on misinformation and allucinated content generated by other LLMs.

    That is going to get very annoying very fast.

  • Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • And yet humanity invented this device that fits in your pocket and allows you to access unlimited knowledge. It's sad, really.

  • Vivalidi 6.8 released
  • Way back in the late XX century.

  • Vivalidi 6.8 released
  • Oh look, Netscape Navigator is back.

    They used to say that every product evolves until it can send mail. In that sense, this is now a mature product.

    Of course nowadays no product is finished without built-in LLM functionality, so I'll wait for that

  • Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • I know what you mean. It's like a stupidity tax. Being ignorant makes you fall for those kinds of products and schemes. Ignorance is expensive.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • One of the great ones. RIP.

  • hooooly shit! has anyone else played journey?
  • Some games you sometimes load just to hang around. This is one of those. Lovely game.

    I'd add Valley and Sable to this group.

  • What software you consider so bad it made you happy when you left your job?

    I've worked with some pretty rotten software, but management software is easily the most user unfriendly, so my vote goes to HPSM.


    Giveaway: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY

    Hello gentlemen. It seems I've already have this in my collection, so maybe one of you want it?


    % = G

    Steam code. Comment below after you've redeemed it.


    Portuguese PM resigns following investigation by Supreme Court Expresso

    No Expresso leia o jornal, opinião, economia, política, cultura, lifestyle, cinema, desporto, última hora. Veja fotografias e vídeos.


    Attorney general statement confirms searches, arrest of António Costa's chief of staff and reveals that the Supreme Court of Justice will analyze suspicions that Costa intervened to “unblock” the lithium, hydrogen and data center businesses that are being investigated


    What is the name of your cleaning robot?

    What name have you chosen for your robot and why?

    My Roomba is called Ramiro, after my slightly alcoholic uncle.


    FYI LibreOffice Draw allows you to open, edit and digitally sign PDF files

    I see the question asked a lot in Linux groups, so I hope this bit of knowledge may help someone here.


    ZX Speccy Next running Lords of Midnight

    The Next version of this game is simply stunning, even on my crappy little Blaupunkt TV. Recreated by Matt Davies and Simon Butler from the original Mike Singleton release, it shows just what a brilliant games machine the Next can be.


    Yep, good old NVG is still up.

    If you remember the Speccy scene in the 90's, you must have no doubt downloaded some games from the old FTP server.

    After World of Spectrum came along, I had mostly forgotten about it. This week I remembered and took a peek... and what a nice surprise, the old geezer is still there, complete with a README file from 1995/03/11 signed by Arnt Gulbrandsen.

    Have a look, there are even some messages from the comp.sys.sinclair USENET newsgroup.

    Good times.


    São João, Porto, 2023

    Quem nunca participou faça um favor a si próprio e venha pelo menos uma vez.

    Aos outros: obrigado e até para o ano!


    ZX81 Mechanical Keyboard

    Good looking mechanical keyboard project for the ZX81 (or the modern equivalent, the ZX81+38), including all the designs and schematics.


    Beautiful pixel art

    It always amazes me when people manage to bend Speccy display's limitations and come up with wonderful digital art. I came across Adam's @[email protected] work on Mastodon and it became one of my favourites. Do yourself a favour and have a look.


    Advanced Lawnmower Simulator - World Of Spectrum Classic

    While Real LifeTM strives to keep me away from all things Speccy related, I was pleasantly surprised to see the legacy of the old World of Spectrum site preserved in WoS Classic.

    So why not have a go at the awesome Advanced Lawnmower Simulator to celebrate? Go go, you know you want to...


    Guitar solo!

    Oh dear, it seems a gathering of silly persons was brought forth and silliness ensued, as foretold by the ancient scrolls.