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  • looks at his pug backpack


  • Time to take red flags to the next level
  • "all my exes live with hexes"

  • Matrix client for Android for family and friends. Your experiences.
  • I'm talking about the android client for beeper but have used it for nheko...and it does support e2ee. I use it for all matrix convos and rooms. Maybe something changed in the time you last used it and I signed up, but yeah not having any e2ee issues once I verified the key

  • Matrix client for Android for family and friends. Your experiences.
  • so unfortunately, you can't log into your matrix account, but rather it creates a account. Which (if you bug them) you can use to log into your favorite matrix client. but you can then join our favorite rooms and chat folks using normal matrix commands.

  • Matrix client for Android for family and friends. Your experiences.
  • maybe a hot take.... but beeper. makes it way easier to manager the keys and crap with an email login for those that loose their passwords all the time. and linking their other favortire socials might be a selling point. but if youre super cautious/paranoid, they have ways to run your own server. (i use their servers...)

  • bUt BoTh SiDeS dA sAmE
  • Not joking... There was a trend of "manly men" not washing their hands before they eat lunch.. like after their manly work was done ... Like hands covered in muck and they're like "look how awesome I am.". It's fucking gross

  • I don't even know what's the discourse/drama surrounding this but it made me laugh
  • I had to search a bit. In short vizie said and did some bad things but is super ashamed of it and has apologized... And frankly their content seems to focus on topics they previously said bad things about.

    But that was a very quick look into it. So grainy salts and look into it yourself.

  • Tennessee governor OKs bill allowing death penalty for child rape convictions
  • Geez how crazy is it that I misread this as 'death penalty for child rape victims' and was like 'yo that's fucked up... But I'm not surprised '

  • Have win7 laptop. What to play on it?
  • hmm, a surprisingly lack of mentioning of joining us moderately happy linux gamers. join us :) some games run better by 'magic'

  • What podcasts have you been listening to the most during the year?
  • The only podcasts I listen to are the unexpectables ones. I don't even really like DND but MontyGlu is an amazing voice actor and role player... Like you can tell she genuinely cares for her NPCs and can tell the differences in characters from the nuisance of her characters and the candor in which they speak. I haven't had much luck finding that else where. And that's ignoring the fantastic world she has built for her players.


  • The most perfect toadstool we found in Jämtland [OC]
  • Boil that shit and you got some berserker stew

  • IRS says its number of audits is about to surge. Here's who the agency is targeting.
  • Well fuck me, I'm being audited and I'm broke.

  • Need some advice on IPTV providers and VPNs
  • some channels but not all. uh kodi madtitan for others ;)

  • Need some advice on IPTV providers and VPNs
  • vlc or most media players (i use kodi with iptv merger/simple/manager) and


  • Modern jeart!
  • So many people are downloading Fallout mods after watching the show that the Nexus is straining to support all the traffic
  • i cloud game and luckily there's back ups. but i boot the cloud, boot moonlight and click skse64... about 1.5 months skyrim will update. and its a pita. steam just be like that. it's honestly why i havent tried fo4 lately. i wanna bad.

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