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I'm a filthy fucking socialist.

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Jorie Graham.
  • Had enough. And the ones I want are always out of reach or stripped from me.

    I'm tired of fighting and "experiencing".

    Shit, I saved a dude's life last week (was bleeding out from the shin), and many times during and after, my brain was like "where's my reward?"


  • Wells Fargo rolled out a new credit card you can use to pay rent. Is it a money-loser?
  • I use em, but mostly because they were the first to take me on 10+ years ago. I'm ambivalent about them.

    While LA has a lot of credit unions, my ADHD brain doesn't want to figure out if I can use ATMs across the vastness of this area, so I just stick with it.

  • What's in your earthquake kit?

    With Hilary en route to potentially kick our asses, I got to thinking about potentials for out-of-control wildfires and surprise quakes.

    Who knows, maybe we'll get all three! So prolly best to be prepared, right?