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What do you think about Bill Maher ?
  • I started to watch him as he never pulled punches and picked some great match ups of guests and hot topics.

    I stopped because his insufferable ego kept compelling him to continuously talk over everyone with his non-stop opinionated smug. Once I noticed I was just watching one man listening to the sound of his own voice while guests that I wanted to hear from get repeatedly cut off at every third word by his desire to manufacture Jerry Springer type drama, I realised how punchable I truely found him to be.

  • Meta is ending its deals to pay for Australian news content. This is how it could change your Facebook and Instagram feeds
  • I don't think that's the full story.

    How often do you think people ask Google a question, either to the assistant or just in the search bar and get served the answer scraped directly into the search results, and never need to actually click into the article at all?

    Facebook does this too.

    Between that and needing to adjust ones journalism style to appease click throughs and the algorithm just to get eyes on ads, dilutes the quality of the write ups as an added problem.

    I think making social media pay might be misguided, but there is definitely a problem, maybe even a form of plagiarism committed by alot of these social media giants by taking other people's work and serving it up directly, and summarized on their own sites next to a link that many people won't click on. It is after all in their best interest to get you to stay on the feed feeding.

    Reddit is absolutely guilty of this too. It's just that we happily do it for them and create TLDR bots and the like.

    It's absolutely fair if Google is populating their feeds with weather, news and other content from other peoples hard work, and then having the balls to serve up ads, that these websites should have a right to claim a cut of the advertising or not have the information shown.

  • Advice: What 2022-2024 phones should be on my radar?
  • Yeah. I imagine the Global's are less of a hassle. The Chinese ROM was horrific. Got most of it to work eventually but could never get the assistant to work at all pretty much. MIUI in general I found to be a bit of a hack experience.

  • Advice: What 2022-2024 phones should be on my radar?
  • Good shout. Yeah I'm struggling to comprehend that people pay top tier laptop / second hand car prices for a phone. The 8 pro is basically perfect otherwise. 7 or maybe 8 vanilla could be the way to go.

  • Advice: What 2022-2024 phones should be on my radar?

    High Midrange or old Top Range. £450 - £850 ish.

    I went from a LG G3 to OnePlus 3T to a Xiaomi K30 Ultra (variant of a Poco F2 Pro, Chinese ROM). My partner went from and old iPhone to the same. Loved the phone and the pop up camera, but the Chinese ROM, and in many aspects, Xiaomi bloatware drove us batty. Awful user experience. Is their Global ROM also rubbish?

    Now it's time for a new phone, I liked Xiaomi bang for buck but I'm wary of its software experience on their global devices (does Google assistant work out the box? Does clicking on a link in a browser route you to their horrible GetApps store? Does G maps locations work? Do they lock out custom launchers? Do notifications and syncing get pushed correctly or does the battery Optimizer aggressively shut all things down in the background?)

    Our priority list as follows:

    1. AMOLED 6.5 - 6.7 inch
    2. Great camera, ideally with a telephoto
    3. Waterproof
    4. Not too plasticy a build
    5. A smooth android experience with minimal bloatware
    6. Not flagship prices but mid tier, to mid upper tier.
    7. She wants a pretty colour like purple

    So my question is, what phones should be on my radar?

    Current list:

    Pixel 7 / pro (8 I think is too pricey, but that phone is my personal benchmark)

    OPPO Reno 10+ (also a bit steep but she wants the purple)

    OnePlus 12 (how's the camera? I loved my 3T but have heard they aren't as good as they used to be)

    S22+ or S22 Ultra refurbed (cons a year old but has purple an IP68 is it a better pick than the OPPO?)

    Xiaomi 12T or similar, suggestions?

    Realme GT5 pro looks sick, but I have Chinese ROM ptsd

    Thanks for advice. My phone knowledge is a bit rusty and their must be a bunch out there that I would never think to look at.

    If time is relative, how can we say the known universe is 13 billion years old. Wouldn’t different parts of the universe been in existence for more or less time? Is this relative to us? Or an average?
  • From my understanding, yeah kinda. Will preface this by saying I'm not an astrophysicist in even the broadest sense.

    But for time to exist at all, we have to assume there was a zero. And seeing as time is a measure of space, if time was zero, then space was too.

    We can also 'see' the age of the universe. As we can see the earliest cosmic soup behind our stars, and through red shift (the way light shifts it's wavelength over time) can calculate the age of this background to 13 billion years. So we can say the age of the universe was 13 billion years ago (relative to our viewing angle of our telescopes.)

    We also know that even though that light itself took 13 billion years to reach us, The universe, and space it occupies, is expanding and we theorise that it could be as much as 89 billion light years wide. This doesn't mean the universe is now 89 billion years old though. If you drew on a balloon and blew it up, the drawing would get bigger but there wouldnt suddenly be more ink. It's just expanded in all directions.

    We also know that space and time is affected by gravity. Space shrinks around black holes, and so does time. It's not a clean straight line, but waves, stretches and curves as it is affected by the masses around it. From the relative positions of these black holes time and space will still appear the same and light will still travel at the same speed, it will still cross the same distance even though that distance has been compressed.

    In other words from an outsider looking in it would appear that light has slowed down, and from an insider looking out it would seem that the universe outside is moving faster than it does to us on earth but this is warping nature of time and space. It doesn't make the universe older or younger, It makes the time it took light to reach them appear different.

    So for a person living in a black hole today, the red shifted light of the cosmic microwave background may look much much older, or may not have reached them yet as space has compressed, and as such the background is also further away (in raw space) and the time would be older. But thats relative to them and not ACTUALLY longer ago. Only because we're still measuring that time scale in earth time units from our perspective in this conversation.

    When I say living in a black hole I mean off the edge of the event horizon where time and space can still work according to our known principles of course!

    Astrophysicists in this thread please correct me. This is a layman's attempt at an ELI5 and is likely riddled with slight misinterpretations.

  • Any night I really needed the sleep
  • It's got to do with a poor sleep routine mixed with the stress and caffeine that it often comes with.

    Cut out caffeine three hours before bed, don't eat too soon before bed, try get into a regular sleep and wake up routine and try get at least 6 hours minimum. And don't go to bed with your phone in your face!

    Getting some exercise in the day helps a lot too!

  • Former Rockstar animator reckons it's "gonna be a long time" before GTA 6 comes to PC
  • It's much easier to bug test and build for a PS5 as they are all the same. To get a resource intensive game working on PC means a lot more resources going into tweaking texture packs etc for a myriad of combinations of graphics cards processors and drivers and drives. Running on similar architecture is only part of the problem.

  • Microsoft now pops up a poll asking why you'd want to use another browser when you download Chrome
  • Late reply, sorry just going though my messages here. But I get all the Linux love, however I assume you're a developer or a writer. Linux is incredibly niche and basically a non option for a vast load of industries.

    Im a professional video editor and animator. Adobe is my bread and butter. I can't use another option realistically either as it mostly doesn't exist or I have to send out my projects to other creators and need to be able to talk to other PCs.

    Linux doesn't support Adobe, it doesn't support about 80% of my other creative softwares, it won't play nice. Windows, for my use case runs like a dream.

    Until Linux gets broader adoption of actual pro level applications for the film industry (and many others), it will always be a niche OS for coders and web devs sadly. I'd sooner roll back to windows XP than use Linux.

  • Nice bot. Some suggestions.

    It would be nice to add some functionality to it that can help fend off bad actors and help it grow.

    1. Lemmy allows title editing. Can the bot paste the original article title from the link at the top?

    2. Can the bot link the original article incase the link is changed?

    3. Can we maybe work on a fact checker system that the community can help with? Maybe leave short instructions in subscript at the bottom. You could open up to suggestions on how to improve, but a good starting point would be:

    Reply to this comment with the following:

    !False if you think this article is made up, and state why !AI if you think this article was written by a bit !Human if you think this article was written by a human. !True if you believe this article to be truthful and state why !More (and paste a link) if you found good further reading on this topic.

    after an hour and periodically for a limited time, the bot can edit the comment with a string like:

    This article was listed in the comments as True: 4 times False: 7 times. (Maybe you could give it a score) This article may be auto generated. Further reading here: (links) (this might need a barrier of adding requiring more than 3 upvotes or something to prevent spam. It may not work out.

    An awesome add on to this, would be to allow the bot to keep a record of the website too. And further state that this website has an average positive score based on all the times this bot scraped a URL.

    I know it's not a perfect system, but it would be nice to guage at a glance what I'm looking at and maybe the community would be down to help make it work.

    Just a thought.

    Fujifilm PotjiePig

    dog in a bath [XT4 + 50mm Tilt Shift]


    Who are Hexbear?

    I just noticed their instance pop up in the feddit browser and they are huge and established. Who are they? Whats the vig? Should I join some of their communities or do they have a particular agenda they're pushing?

    Reddit PotjiePig

    Reddit is down again

    This is just hilarious.

    Find a Community PotjiePig

    For those looking to grow their communities

    The black out is ending, and a few subs are having discussions on whether to open up again. Why not use your old account and hop over and paste the direct link to your community in the replies to people that are supporting continuing the black out so that they know where to find alternatives.

    Don't forget to check for the full list in case there already is a growing community that is a better alternative.

    Let people know there is a home elsewhere if they want it.


    Is there a way to create Super Communities?

    I've noticed in the explosion that we are getting duplicate communities in multiple instances. This is ultimately gonna hinder community growth as eventually communities like 'cats' will exist in hundreds of places all with their own micro groups, and some users will end up subscribing to duplicates in their list.

    A: could we figure out a system to let our communities know about the duplicates as a sticky so that users can better find each other?

    B: I think this is the best solution, could a 'super community' method be developed under which communities can join or be parented to under that umbrella and allow us to subscribe to the super community under which the smaller ones nest as subs? This would allow the communities to stay somewhat fractured across multiple instances which can in turn protect a community from going dark if a server dies, while still keeping the broader audience together withing a syndicated feed?


    The rumours were true

    We live in a future of AI and tennis rusks. What a time to be alive