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Battle of the bogs: Farmers and EU face off over Ireland’s largest carbon store
  • "The habitats directive requires member states to protect their most precious natural habitats, but where does the Irish citizen fit in, and rights of a citizen to live and provide heat and food for their family?” Sean Canney, an Irish Independent politician and former minister of state, said on his website. “Surely human life is more precious than a bog."

    The mental gymnastics here are worthy of the olympics

  • I'm sure there's some internal logic going on
  • You don't have to say yes to and encourage EVERYthing. I've noticed this is/was a myth in some places more than others. In first grade I lived in Canada (rather than Europe), and I asked my teacher if I had spelled Jamayka correctly (I had not), and instead of telling me how to spell it he just said "good job" . Not an isolated thing, people would look at the 100th squiggle their child "painted" and go "great job that's soooo good!!!!" as if the child would suddenly lose all will to live if they offered some improvement ideas.

  • Is it possible to speed up the launcher?

    Hey friends!

    Basically, here is my problem. I open the launcher menu (or KRunner) and start typing. Let's say I type "firefox", and hit Enter.

    The launcher menu is very slow. It often opens "Files" instead, because that pops up after I type the first two letters.

    Basically this means I need to wait a second for the launcher to finish searching, show me firefox, and then press enter.

    This is frankly infuriating. Every other launcher on any other desktop or WM does not have this issue.

    I have experienced this on two different machines running both Plasma 5 and 6, on different distros, both are beefy machines.

    I'm sure there is a way to avoid it, does anybody know?

    pathfinder PotatoesFall

    Opinion - Human Fighter is the most creative character option

    This isn't strictly a Pathfinder thing but I like this community.

    Basically, there is this meme that Human Figher is a "boring" default choice or sign of an uncreative character. I disagree. Picking out a weird ancestry is not creative. Choosing a human fighter basically means that you get zero flavor from your ancestry and class - so you are forced to get creative yourself. You are forced to give your character a personality, and you are forced to solve problems creatively.

    For me, the stereotype is the opposite - if a player chooses an esoteric ancestry and class combo, I worry that their characters whole personality is just their ancestry.

    Of course both humans and other ancestries make for great characters if done right.


    The easiest problem

    pathfinder PotatoesFall

    Escape - is the unarmed attack modifier Finesse?

    I stumbled upon this and couldn't find any definite answers.

    The Escape action states that you can use Athletics, Acrobatics, or your unarmed attack modifier. However, it specifically says that you use your modifier and not an actual attack. While fists have the Finesse trait, the regular attack does not - so am I correct in assuming that if you have a higher Dex than Str, that you can only use Dex with acrobatics, not with the unarmed attack modifier?

    pathfinder PotatoesFall

    Battlecry Class Playtest is here! Pathfinder Playtest | Paizo

    Pathfinder playtests give you the opportunity to participate in finalizing rules and new materials, including new classes, spells, ancestries, feats, and more!

    Pathfinder Playtest | Paizo

    Ist mir grad passiert :(

    Wenn du den Ayren öffnest und vergessen hast zu schütteln. Hintergrundbild: Verzweifelnder Mann am Strand.

    pathfinder PotatoesFall

    How my group made a tough encounter trivial (minor AV spoilers)

    My group is playing Abomination Vaults, and on the second level there is a room with an undead Minotaur Skeleton Warrior. The book specifically states that it never leaves the room it's in.

    My group quickly figures this out and would simply have everybody ready an attack, one PC would open the door, triggering everybody else's reaction, and would then close it again.

    After doing this about 10 times they finally took down the skeleton despite it having resistance to most of their attacks, with none of them taking any damage.

    This is a somewhat inexperienced group that doesn't usually do strategy things, so I was happy to see them plan and execute.

    Anyway what's the weirdest way your group beat a supposedly challenging enemy?

    Political Memes PotatoesFall

    This just fits perfectly


    Best article about XZ backdoor?

    Hey, I've been hearing a LOT about the xz backdoor. Crazy story, but rather than reading 10 different articles about it from 3 days ago when the story was quite new, does anybody know a high quality write-up that has all the juicy details and facts? I really like in-depth guides that cover every aspect of the story.

    Thanks in advance guys!


    Can't access [email protected] from


    When I go to

    it says "Could not fetch [email protected]"

    However the community definitely exists:

    Anybody know why this is?


    Bester Imbiss in Mainz?

    Frage wie im Titel. Ich persönlich finde Mr. Baguette in der Zanggasse am besten. Habe bisher noch keinen sehr guten Döner in Mainz gefunden...


    The joys of remote work

    alt text

    panel 1: homer simpson posing proudly, looking skinny and healthy, marge looks impressed. caption reads "Dinner is ready and dishes are clean when my partner gets home"

    panel 2: showing homers back where heaps of excess skin are held back by ropes and clamps. caption reads "did like 10 minutes of work in my fulltime job"