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Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence
  • Way to victim blame

    "This woman scratched and bit me while I was raping her, so I'm the real victim"

    I remember you now. You're not worth my time and it doesn't look like there's anyone left in the thread who is. I didn't read most of your comment but laughed when I saw you've lifted my insults to use as your own. Looks like you have made space for me in your head.

  • Lemmy today
  • I don't know much about the gambling industry

    You can stop there. You don't know much about the gambling industry, defending them was just an opportunity to tell us your opinions on "some people", none of whom are actually here.

  • Lemmy today
  • Sounds more like you just don't know anything about the gambling industry. They run rigged games in predatory ways. They happily let organised crime launder money for a cut. They fight regulations designed to reduce problem gambling.

    Nevertheless, nobody here is "forcing their way of life on others and taking away their agency over their own lives". They're just acknowledging that casinos have a long history of being absolute cunts.

  • Nonconsensual AI porn is hated on the left and right. Can Congress act on it?
  • I'm not under any obligation to prove it to you until you supply the "evidence" you're mentioning. In the domain of rhetoric, "laws don't dissuade criminals" people sounds dumb as fuck and goes against the way we've run societies for thousands of years.

    I've witnessed laws -- which frequently go hand in hand with your "socially frowned upon" acts -- change peoples behaviour, from drink driving to your own littering example.

    Every crime is a calculation of risk and reward. The internet makes things lower risk, but there are absolutely laws that work. They're why the web isn't riddled with child pornography and why online drug marketplaces have to exist behind 10 layers of bullshit.

    You're advocating that the risk should be nonexistent and that victims have no avenues for justice.

  • Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence
  • Safe storage penalizes victims for being stolen from

    Good. If you didn't take reasonable steps to secure your firearms, your negligence armed criminals. Guns are already an exception to "dangerous things must be properly secured" thanks to crybaby gun owners.

    Oh and don't waste your breath with a "B-B-B-But LockPickingLawyer opened this gun safe with his flaccid cock" because that's not even close to an insurmountable problem.

    a tax to stop those dirty poors from having guns

    You're using poor people as a human shield. You've never advocated giving people guns as a form of welfare and realistically a gun is one of the last things those "dirty poors" need.

    You're a simp for a multi-billion industry that funds the very worst Republicans and puts profits before lives. You don't have a leg to stand on.

    glove compartments are necessary

    Sounds like we know where you leave your gun. It's grossly negligent and absolutely your fault. Either leave your gun at home (where I'm guessing it's just as poorly secured) or don't go to places that don't want you.

    Well it is if they've been charged with something. Oh so "no criminal record," shocker Illegal

    Laws that are a complete failure, which the pro-gun community opposes all changes to, including better enforcement.

    Illegal if you're a prohibited possessor

    Consequences for other people. The "responsible gun owner" making the private sale gets away with selling a gun to a dangerous person. If we only charged underage people for buying alcohol (and not the person who supplied them), there would be zero expectation of those laws working.

    And even with all that, publishing a list is still stupid

    Yet again, not actually a thing I advocated, just something I mocked your reaction to. Let's hope for your families sake you're not so easily confused when you hear a bump in the night.

    I put nobody in danger

    Another worthless promise from a gun owner. Whatever minimal vetting you've been through is demonstrably not enough to ensure gun owners aren't a danger. You cleared the same low bar as the people shooting at children who rang their doorbell or used their driveway to turn around.

    If we reduce you to a statistic, it's even more bullshitty. Every person in your household is at a greater risk of domestic homicide and suicide.

    it's your stupid ideas on guns

    Are you still throwing a tantrum about an idea I didn't suggest or supoort, or are you just assuming all of my opinions based on what the gun lobby have told you I believe?

    Your laws have failed America. It's 20 years past when "responsible gun owners" should have actually taken some responsibility.

  • Nonconsensual AI porn is hated on the left and right. Can Congress act on it?
  • Making things illegal absolutely stops criminals. It doesn't stop all criminals, but that's never been the expectation. If you want to dismiss laws on the basis of not being 100% effective, there's not a single law you support.

  • Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence
  • You really need to get your feelings out about this don't you? The world must no your opinion, even the people who aren't actually advocating it.

    Anyway, your feelings are bullshit. The pro-gun community routinely opposes safe storage laws and are happy to leave guns in glove compartments and closets. Not that the black market is required to arm criminals, given how easy it is to pass a background check, straw purchase or buy privately but again, the pro-gun community opposes reforms to combat all of that.

    So whatever the fuck "The consequences are the people's who commit the crime, not the gun owning populace as a whole who has not? Yes" is supposed to mean, it's clear that you're only upset that you would be in danger, since you put other people in danger all the time.

  • Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence
  • What made you think I cared? I've never advocated making gun owners public knowledge, I'm just laughing because gun owners insist their guns can keep them safe from criminals but shrivel up at the idea of those criminals knowing where they live and targeting them specifically.

    As always with the pro-gun community, consequences are other people.

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