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  • They can absolutely go fuck themselves. I've already weened myself off of nearly every social media, stopped paying for YT premium because they keep doing bullshit I don't like. I'm so ready for an alternative.

  • blocked the largest piracy community in all of lemmy
  • x2 for me. Sick of the shit never loading up.

  • meirl
  • You do, but its generally a lot less than repairs or a new laptop. I'll give you my example.. My laptop is a 2021 Razer 14 The power port had a broken connector on the inside, and since the way it was made the port was part of the motherboard, the repairs for that power port were going to be over $1700 on a $2300 laptop.

    Renters insurance was definitely the less painful option. Just one of those things that may only be useful on rare occasions, but when it is, it really is.

  • Trump criticizes judge after he’s warned against ‘inflammatory statements’
  • I'm torn, because I think that incitement would bring about the end of the trump era much more quickly, as it'll get put down hard. But I also don't want to advocate violence or for stupid people to get hurt for no reason other than their ignorance.

  • meow_irl
  • This shit is so accurate. Our Chihuahua and my cat both love to push us around.

  • A-hyuck!
  • This is borderline dad joke for me. I heard it 20 years ago so i don't know. Is there a separate category for antique memes? Lol

  • meirl
  • Renters insurance is your friend. Might be a good idea to look into, it's cheap af and covers things like this.

  • Trump heading for Republican 'coronation' as 2024 rivals struggle to stop him
  • I'm honestly just flabbergasted. None of this is real. It's so surreal it's looped back on itself like 3 times and I'm not sure where we're at anymore.

  • Etymology of "ferret"
  • I'll always up vote Bojack

  • Zelenskyy fires recruitment officials for accepting $10,000 bribes to help Ukrainian men dodge the draft: 'bribery during war is treason'
  • For sure, that's what I was commenting on. Can't speak at all for the one's accepting the bribes, knowing what it means for their fellow soldiers.

  • Zelenskyy fires recruitment officials for accepting $10,000 bribes to help Ukrainian men dodge the draft: 'bribery during war is treason'
  • On one hand, I absolutely agree with this. It's human nature to want to avoid such a fate if one can reasonably avoid it. If I had the money and could buy my way out of participation in a fucking war...I'd hate to think that I wouldn't.

    I know it's their home and things like that...but not everyone cares about those sorts of ties, and they become even less meaningful in death. I'm not saying I condone their actions, just that I understand.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Junkie

  • MotoGP: World Superbike move “not a thing” for Moto2 winner Dixon despite “interest”
  • After that crybaby shit he pulled at Silverstone I'm surprised any outfit wants him. Is it just cause he's British that teams want him? That shit trying to call out Binder was really unprofessional.

  • Request Invites Plaid_Kaleidoscooe

    Looking For any General Tracker Invites

    Hello everyone. Been out of the game for a while. Used to have accounts on Baconbits and RevoTT before I went away for a while. lost those to inactivity. I've signed up for all of the open trackers I could find in the opensignups community and nothing is really on the level of those trackers I had before.

    I would really appreciate an invite to get back into the game. I am a responsible user who seeds appropriately. I won't get your account fucked up for helping me out.

    Thanks everyone.

  • I signed up for it, but really nothing there yet.

  • PT BTSchool
  • Can anyone provide an invite?

  • Extreme global weather prompts fears about the hot summer to come
  • Oh yeah... NOW get scared. Dumbasses.

  • Disapproval of Elon Musk is top reason Tesla owners are selling, survey says
  • Shock! I imagine those are the same owners who bought in because of his rhetoric to begin with. Anecdotally, it seems as if less "car people" buy Tesla's, as in they aren't buying it for the technology or the engineering of the product itself.

    But that's just an outsiders pov.

  • Gaming Plaid_Kaleidoscooe

    GTA IV Appreciation Post

    Man, I'm replaying GTA IV on my Series X for two reasons.

    1. I have tons of nostalgia based on the game as it was my most played xbox 360 game outside of skate 2/3 and COD. I have so many amazing memories tied to it both in-game and irl with friends.

    2. I'm fucking broke and can't afford to continue my gamepass subscription right now.

    So anyway... Where to begin? How about I separate it into a list of things I love, and things I don't love so much.

    Things I love:

    1. Driving. The goddamn driving phsyics, while I know are firmly in love it/hate it territory, sits firmly in the former camp for me. The weight transfer and suspension action still feel next-gen all these years later. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than any other GTA or open world game short of Forza Horizon? In my opinion, yes.

    2. Niko Bellic - What a fucking character. Deep, complex, and well written. I can't speak to ethnic accuracies or accent stuff, so I'll leave that for other people who are better educated than I am to talk about. But man, Rockstar has a knack for creating memorable characters, and I think Niko is at the top of the list. He has a dark and serious vibe but can also bring comic relief in his sardonic way. I love him.

    3. Sound Design - I don't even know where to start with this as I don't really know shit about sound other than "Dam dat sound gud". But man, the sound effects are heavy and really sell each gun and action. The music is amazing, and has my favorite theme song in the series bar-none. I bet you can hear it in your head right now. Then there is the radio on top of that, with the music only part of the entertainment there.

    4. The city - GODDAMN Liberty City is good. Every island is lovingly crafted to elicit its own character and charm. Different attitudes from the NPC's, building styles, etc. Rockstar is just so fucking good at this stuff, and this is where they really perfected it.

    5. All the side shit - Katt Williams and Ricky Gervais stand-up? All the crazy people walking around, well made side actiities like pool, darts, bowling. I know not everyone digs it, but its nice to have. You'd miss it if it weren't there.

    6. Thern there is all the stuff you really can't categorize. Just the way all the systems interact together. GTA V does this really well too, but I personally like IV better because the city is so much tighter and well put together.

    The Cons:

    1. The inability to turn-down offers to hang-out without it negatively effecting your friend stat. Even if you are walking up to a mission start point as they call, it's a thumbs down for not getting drunk with Roman. Dont' get me wrong, I love the friendship system and think it genuinely adds something to the game, but it can be poorly timed and needed a little fine tuning.

    2. NPC drivers who are designed to purposely wreck you. I don't know where I read it, but I'm pretty sure the drivers are coded to try and wreck into you at some point and there isn't anything you can do about it. You can try to drive perfectly clean, but they make it nearly impossible. Extra points for riding a motorcycle across the bridge and getting pit-maneuvered into the river. Lovely.

    3. Inability to own cars. I don't care about the property, I think that works pretty well as-is. I don't, however, like that I have to keep track of a car that I want to keep and make sure it's parked in the designated spot outside if I want to keep it. Even then, no guarantees you'll have it after a mission you've driven it to. (P.S.) Little Jacob said something about enjoying a car he'd given me. Where the fuck is it? Does it stay there and respawn?

    That's really about it. I fucking love this game. Let me know what you all think if you've played it, or want to. Would love to get someone who hasn't played it yet into the game.

    My gamertag from the xbox 360 days has been lost, unfortunately. I had to leave it dormant for a few years and when I got back, someone in another country had it and I couldn't recover it. I lost all of my game saves, DLC, etc. I had The Lost and the Damned DLC for GTA IV, but not The Ballad of Gay Tony. They still want $20 for it on the xbox store! WTF!? That's insane to me. Maybe I'll get lucky when I'm out thrifting and find a copy of the Liberty City Stories with both of the DLC's on it. That's the goal anyway.

    Hope you all enjoyed the post. I don't usually write this much like this, sorry for any terrible formatting or editing. I don't know how text formatting/editing works on these sites.


    Time Travel? Or something funky with my backend?

    Terrible title aside, yeah, whats up with posts scheduled for later dates? Is this a feature or something? Nothing accusatory, just curious if this is a problem.


    Who's Watching Goodwood FOS?

    Really enjoying the coverage this year. Lots of accidents though! I don't remember seeing so many before, but then again this is the first year I've watched it live.

    I absolutely can't wait to watch the McMurty fan car go up the hill again. Are they doing the shootout today? Or has everything been pushed back by a day because of the weather yesterday?



    Cherry malt wax concentrate & GirlScout Cookies Live Sugar


    Never Ending Scroll

    I was wondering if the functionality existed somewhere already, or an extension that allowed for infinite scroll the way I could do with RES and Reddit on the web browser. Basically, instead of 25 posts per page, it just loads the next page below and you keep scrolling.

    If this doesn't exist yet, is there anywhere I can request the functionality be implemented?

    Thank you!


    Reddit Migrant - Pic is my cat judging me for my life choices, but actually loves me and the smell. [6]

    What up Ents!

    Looking a lil bare bones over here right now. Really hope it picks up, as I think Lemmy is going to be pretty sweet. What do ya'll think so far? Any tips or tricks to make the experience better?

    Also, seems the picture upload is a lil wonky. Kept wanting to rotate my pic to the left. Weird.


    Brad Was Robbed!

    After seeing that replay... The punishment doesn't fit the crime. Wow. Gutted for him. Still, what a great start to the weekend. Looking forward to tomorrow.