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  • Who chopped the head off Maine?

  • Slum in New York City, USA, 1888
  • Living the dream.

  • Slum in New York City, USA, 1888
  • And yet they're dressed nicer than most people on the street today. Or at least most people in the local Walmart.

  • Tethered Bottle Caps
  • Im sitting here in Canada just learning these exist in the first place.

  • God King go brrrrrrrrr
  • Ive seen their government. I'll pass. Annexation by Canada would be ok though.

  • Stonehenge not visibly damaged by protest paint. It's clean and ready to rock the solstice
  • Industrial sabotage is whats needed at this point imo.

  • What if we gave it back to nature?
  • I wouldnt call that nature but its a hell of a lot better than pavement hell.

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • I live in Canada and own a Bolt. Its a pretty unremarkable EV from a tech standpoint. It keeps the batteries at the right temp by heating and cooling them. It really doesnt require any extra effort or special equipment.

  • My wheat crop (OC)
  • You forgot a word. Crumbs.

  • Elders [Alex Krokus]
  • I dont care if your wife's laptop is a year old, you shouldnt marry minors and you should definitely know her age for sure, you sick fuck.

  • Yard lookin' fine tho.
  • The vast majority of invasives take a foothold in already disturbed land. Natural ecosystems tend to be more resistant.

  • Yard lookin' fine tho.
  • Ok buddy.

  • 16 ton meteorite found in Oregon, USA, 1902
  • Why dont people pose like this in photographs anymore? It looks awesome.

  • In 1960 Over 90% of Homicides in the USA Were Solved Compared to Only 50% Today
  • How many were never discovered in the first place, though?

  • In 1960 Over 90% of Homicides in the USA Were Solved Compared to Only 50% Today
  • How many were never discovered in the first place, though?

  • Let's increase worker productivity?
  • Please do not compare the noble pig to that filth.

  • Using 100% Brain
  • He had good sense to crop the one picture so no one has an image of Grandpa doing the Nazi salute.

  • Plastic Raised Beds in Winter?

    Hi all. When I bought my house I also inherited several plastic raised beds. The previous owner told me to mound up the dirt every winter so the soil wouldnt expand and crack them.

    I was wondering if this is actually necessary or just something they thought they needed to do. I have never heard of this before but then again, Ive always only had wooden ones before.

    Im trying not to till the soil too much so Id like to avoid mounding it if I can. Does anyone here have plastic raised beds? Do you mound the soil or leave it as is?



    Cant even identify a simple ladybug.


    20 Sorrel Recipes 20 Sorrel Recipes (+ How to Cook It)

    Try these sorrel recipes for meals you won't forget! From pizza to soup to quiche, you'll enjoy learning how to cook with sorrel.

    20 Sorrel Recipes (+ How to Cook It)

    Some interesting ideas for using sorrel. Lots of nice recipes.

    0 Novel socio-environmental vulnerability index pinpoints sustainability issues in Brazilian river basins

    Brazilian researchers combined environmental physical, social and economic indicators to create an index that measures a region's vulnerability and used it to analyze the basins of the Parnaíba River and São Francisco River in the Northeast of Brazil. The index is named SEVI (for Socio-Environmental...

    Novel socio-environmental vulnerability index pinpoints sustainability issues in Brazilian river basins

    Oh how the tables have turned...

    Not sure Im ready for one of these 'internal combustion' cars I keep hearing about. Until they can sort out the risk of the flammable liquids you have to put in them from catching fire it seems too dangerous and impractical.

    10 How forests can cut carbon, restore ecosystems, and create jobs

    To limit the frequency and severity of droughts, wildfires, flooding, and other adverse consequences of climate change, nearly 200 countries have committed to the Paris Agreement's long-term goal of keeping global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius. According to the latest United Nations Intergove...

    How forests can cut carbon, restore ecosystems, and create jobs
    0 Dandelion Cream Pie (Edible Flower Pie)

    Dandelion cream pie is a fun way to enjoy fresh wild dandelions in the spring.  The petals taste like honey, and they make a surprisingly good edible flower pie! Every spring, I get the littles

    Dandelion Cream Pie (Edible Flower Pie)

    I have not tried this yet but I am...intrigued.


    Weed of the Week: Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea)

    Ground ivy can be found in many countries around the world and grows aggressively. It is often viewed as a highly invasive weed in lawns and gardens. It is notoriously hard to remove and control.

    The good news? It tastes like mint (sort of). Ground ivy makes a good mint substitute and can also be used as an herb in cooking. Makes sense since it is part of the Lamiacae family which includes well known herbs such as basil, mint, oregano, and thyme.

    Being an abundant and easily identifiable weed with few lookalikes, its an easy plant for beginners to cultivate. It is best to pick the smaller leaves as the larger ones can be bitter.


    Note: A bit like cilantro, the taste is a bit polarizing. Some people love it, others find it unpalatable.


    Got this little Sempervivum today!

    After trying (and failing) to rescue an overwatered Echeveria plant from the supermarket, I sort of got addicted to succulents and went out and bought this one. I have no idea what Im doing but Im hoping starting with a healthy one will be a better introduction.


    To all 17 subscribers: How did you even find this community?

    Thrilled to have y'all here but this is a very niche topic. How did you find this place?


    Some Online Resources for Beginners

    I wanted to share a few useful resources for those out there who are interested in finding edible weeds but don't know where to start.

    Picture This App, and app that uses AI to identify plants taking a simple picture. I have found this app to be quite accurate but remember to always check and see if there are look-alikes out there which may not be edible.

    Eat the Weeds, blog style website with a huge number of entries on edible weeds. A very useful resource to start finding edible weeds you might encounter.

    Wild Edible, another great blog style source outlining several wild edible plants. Importantly, entries often have a look-alike section which can help you determine if youre looking at the right plant.

    If you have any other trusted resources, share them here!


    Bittercress - Remove or keep?

    Hi all. I have quite a lot of hairy bittercress in my garden. I think it rode in on the compost I got this year. Ive been removing it from directly around my pea plants but in the open spaces of the garden where its really taken off, Ive surrendered and let it be.

    My question is this: Should I be removing it or should I leave it as a kind of live mulch. It doesnt appear to be hindering my peas or other plants in that bed but if it will do long term damage to the soil Id rather take care of it now.

    Anyone have any experience with it. Is it worth the effort of removing or do I just let it be?


    2 Australia's first wellbeing framework is about to measure what matters – but it's harder than counting GDP

    The new wellbeing framework, set to be released, has five broad themes and about 50 indicators treasury will track over time. Our new book shows how important but difficult measuring wellbeing can be.

    Australia's first wellbeing framework is about to measure what matters – but it's harder than counting GDP

    Suggestions for lightweight browsers for Ubuntu?

    I have an old laptop which didn't exactly have top of the line specs when I bought it back in 2016. It does, however, run Ubuntu pretty competently (yes I know there are better distros, no I am not going to use them). It was cheap. As in it came with a Celeron in 2016 cheap, so it isn't the speediest little guy.

    All that said, a lightweight browser is the goal. I currently use Firefox which is ok but any improvement in speed is ideal. I'm not doing anything crazy with this thing so as long as I can do some basic web browsing I'm happy.

    I used Midori back in the day but it wasn't exactly...stable at the time. After that I stuck with Firefox. Still, I'm hopeful there's something better out there. Any advice from the veterans out there is appreciated.


    Homemade rain barrel. Cost? $1.

    Got these old ice cream tubs from a local ice cream place. $1 for a dozen. I wanted to increase my rainwater storage (currently have 2 rainbarrels). Realized I could stack these guys up as much as I needed. A few drilled holes and a spout off a cracked kombucha kit and bam. Homemade rainbarrel.

    This is part of a set of daisey-chained barrels so I had to keep it to 3 tubs for height reasons. All told it only adds about 8 more gallons of storage but every bit helps. You could stack as many as you wanted though, within reason.

    I kept it simple but you could also add additional sealing between the bottom-lid connection to limit loss that way. I will add a few extra pictures in the comments.