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They captured a Russian shed!!

Russians have been making front line modifications to protect against drones. Basically putting tanks in moving sheds(Turtle tanks). Completely unviable but it is hillarious to see how much paint they have to put on to deem it as captured.

Political Memes OttoVonNoob

This isn't politically driven this is humor driven..

Never forget what they took from us...
  • I've been hmming and hawing in answering this. But I'm out for dinner and bored. So alot games original vision is to be a single player experience but then online features or an online overhaul is shoved by the aboves. IE SimCity was considered unplayable by thr online features, anthem was originally designed to be single player but was completely redone, etc etc.

  • You know, I can tell you both of Magickarps attacks!
  • Really? I know Gyarados gets it. I checked PokemonDB and it had those three. I know I have been hydropumped by a trainer before but have never been bounced on? Should of checked bulbapedia.. DB is bush league..

  • I was excited its my daughters favourite movie!!
  • So this guy had a video about Falling Down, I seen the pop culture and memes but never the movie. I was like well that was interesting, I'll give a follow. Then he released an Encanto video.. I love the movie and it's my daughters favourite. He then went on to shit on every character because they didn't want to fit into the role therr grandmother forced them into. Among other things he; said the arranged marriage was not a bad thing, the strong girl should suck it up, it doens't matter what you want if you have responsibility, they should follow their traditions and then blamed Mirabel for all the trouble. Missing the main point of the movie being about generational trauma and wanting better for your children. Sorry for long rant xD

  • Roller coaster of wtf

    In my defense it was not one of the Nazi comics..

    Don't be a dick leave old people alone.
  • My family member who I often lock horns over politics was almost scammed. Everyone eas giving him a hard time and he was anxious about me giving him shit. I told him, it wasn't his fault someone tried to steal from you. Theyre in the wrong, not you. He was very taken back and grateful. It can happen to anyone those Cock Dinosaurs try to induce fight or flight.