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What do you mean taking 8 pills per meal will cause nausea?

When did Microsoft stop developing Windows to be good?
  • Having switched about a year ago now, I can say at least for me the switch to linux has been fairly painless. There has been bumps and snags, but it's pretty much worked out of the box for 99% of the things I use on a daily basis. I still have my desktop dual booting for the small handful of things that aren't compatible. But at this point, I'd suspect that I spend on average an hour a month with windows loaded.

  • Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • But sure, tell me what it’s like being suicidal

    Nah, if you're gonna be antagonistic and gatekeepy like this, I'm not inclined to share my own experiences. You'll just find some reason to invalidate my own experiences and feelings. So I'm not gonna bother.

    EDIT: I’ll keep my guns, thanks. Going out to shoot and compete is one of the few things that I have in my life that I really enjoy.

    And in doing so you have significantly increased your chances of suicide.

  • Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • Removing the tools doesn’t solve the underlying problem. Perhaps the suicides don’t happen; but that doesn’t reduce the misery that leads to someone killing themselves.

    Often times it leads to better outcomes though, which in the end solves the underlying problem. When people don't have an easy out and stick around long enough, usually the underlying problems get solved.

    And, again, this is wildly different from the violence that Trump supporters are being called to.

    Cool. I know. But it is irrelevant. Gun deaths are still gun deaths, and they should be prevented.

  • Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • Yes. But none of those are as easy. Hanging is a long slow death if you fuck it up. Knives are pretty slow too and require pain as you go. Carbon monoxide poisoning requires a car. Jumping requires guts. A gun is a nice easy button to end it. Few things can compare with how easy that is.

    Regardless of how you want to rationalize it, the statistics show that I'm correct. Simply having a gun in the house increases your chances of suicide.

  • Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • Hardly an if, that's essentially what actually happened:

    Fascists will always use a crisis to gain more power. If the Rechstag fire had actually killed Hitler, then yeah, it probably would have been a good thing. But in the end it didn't, it just gave Hitler more power. This situation with Trump isn't much different.

    Granted, hindsight is a big factor here. But I think I've made my point.

  • Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • But gun prevalence increases suicide rates. People who would otherwise not commit suicide end up doing so because a quick and relatively easy way out is available. Should those guns not be so easily accessible, some percentage of those suicides wouldn't happen.

    Those gun deaths are a problem regardless of whether they're suicide or homicide. And the gun lobby/Trump is perfectly happy with all that death as long as they get their sales/status quo/money. The deaths don't need to be the same for it to be relevant.

  • World passes 30% renewables milestone for the first time, decline of fossil inevitable
  • The link I posted literally is a steam engine. Not a particularly good one, but a steam engine regardless. They just said "oh wow this is neat. Anyways..."

    When they could have said "oh wow this is neat, let's make this better and use this to automate production of things".

    They just didn't develop this invention further. A bit more tinkering and they would have had it.

  • It's Only One Vote
  • Also if you push your state more to the left, the greater odds of the NPVIC being triggered which automatically enables a national popular vote.

    Which would get promptly shut down by our corrupt as fuck SCOTUS.

  • World passes 30% renewables milestone for the first time, decline of fossil inevitable
  • Possibly at the expense of the food supply

    To some degree sure, but not in all cases. If you have a tractor that burns wood gas for power but it helps you harvest more crops quicker, it may outweigh the cost of the land used for the trees.

  • World passes 30% renewables milestone for the first time, decline of fossil inevitable
  • It would certainly be rough, but not impossible to do things. The we were pretty close to having an early industrial revolution, we even had the steam engine invented really early on:

    If inventions like that had been further developed, things could have gone somewhere.

  • They just walking outside now
  • an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

    Not all memes are, or are ment to be humorous. This is more of a "spread it around" type thing than a joke.

  • They just walking outside now
  • They’re here so if those nazis show up at your door to drag you and your families out, that they can be dealt with

    If things have gotten that bad, it is already too late. By then you will be outnumbered 10 to 1 as they surround your house. It's what the SS did, it's what the neo nazis will do.

    You're dead if you wait that long.

  • Moon Walker - Regular People Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Creeper Hole Fill in Charity!

    I don't know if anybody else has noticed, but this area has been hit particularly hard by creepers. If you come across this chest, please donate some dirt/sand to fill these holes in!


    Some absolutely beautiful terrain generation to the side of my house


    An absolutely beautiful tavern built on the server

    Housing Crisis Olgratin_Magmatoe

    Commie Blocks Are Pretty Good, Actually - Adam Something


    List of friendly doctors - An important resource for those seeking sterilization doctors - childfree

    **Discussion topics and links of interest to childfree individuals. ["Childfree" refers to those who do not have and do not ever want children...


    I absolutely love the use of clay here @magma_kaichan!


    I finally finished this bridge!

    I couldn't think of a name for this bridge/river, so if you think of one you are more than welcome to name it.

    Housing Crisis Olgratin_Magmatoe

    The Housing Crisis is the Everything Crisis - BritMonkey

    This one is a long one, but a high quality video that explains a lot. Definitely worth listening to in the background if you have the chance to add to your watch later playlist.


    Shout out to that time I dug out hundreds of thousands of blocks to build an underground city, just for Mojang to drop an announcement for the cave update, thus killing my motivation for this project.


    Another set of old houses I once made


    An old house of mine


    PSA: Maybe don't buy these shitty extruders

    I spent entirely way too much time trying to get one of these style extruders on my Ender 3. Maybe I picked a knock off without realizing it, maybe mine was just defective, I'm not entirely sure.

    But it was ultimately the cause for my printer underextruding on certain layers. If you need a new extruder, go for something better than these cheap $20 ones and get an actually decent one.

    But on the bright side, my printer is finally fixed! It feels nice to be able to get back into the hobby again.


    My starter house on the server

    It's a great spot to spy on @aranym's house



    Some of the builds on our community's server so far! Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users like 1111111111118.


    A small cottage on 2B2T, with a pig spawner for new players


    From my 2016 single player world, my starter base


    Where Modern Minecraft Went Wrong: Survival

    I wantt to sum up some of my thoughts on why modern minecraft isn't as good as it could be, and I want to hear what others think as well.

    And I think the place to start is with minecraft's survival mechanics. I don't believe modern minecraft really feels like a survival game anymore. In earlier versions the first night was a threat, if you didn't find shelter for that night you would likely be dead. Modern minecraft doesn't handle this as well because players can come across villages that have food, shelter, and beds to skip the night. Alternatively modern minecraft players can pretty easily find sheep and craft a bed on day one.

    The next big difference is the food system. If you don't have any food in modern minecraft, it simply feels like an annoyance. It slows you down, you constantly have to keep eating, etc.

    The beta 1.7.3 version is better in this regard because when you're low on food, the only risk is that you die. It doesn't make you move slower, it is simply a risk of death, and you aren't annoyed at a movement penalty, because your speed is always the same.

    Then there is just the general difficulty. Maybe it was just because I played the game when I was younger, but in the past, nights felt dangerous, that you needed to find shelter and would not be able to survive in the open for very long. Modern minecraft kind of flips that and to a degree expects you to wander in the night for ender pearls. I really think that the night should serve as a threat, and that's where the old system works better.


    The bow battle arena from yesterday's post had an underground tunnel system. It was pretty jank