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"Fry" is an ambiguous word in English
  • With sautéeing, the heat is being transferred from the pan to the food, with the thin layer of oil serving to increase the contact area and prevent sticking. It's a low-fat cooking method.

    With pan frying, it's the hot oil that's doing the cooking, with the pan heating the oil, not the food directly.

    Edit: link

  • 'Apache' revolver used by French gangsters, pre-WW1
  • I've never understood this.

    Seems so impractical, compared to carrying knuckles, a gun, and a knife.

    What are you supposed to do, start with the knuckles and flip the thing open into gun mode if things go south? It's incredibly fussy.

  • Google is switching the Pixel 9 to an ultrasonic fingerprint reader
  • I used to work on diesel engines. I'd end up with different looking fingerprints all the time from grease, oil random little cuts, etc. I'd hope this tech is better able to discern fingerprints from noise. It was a little annoying.

  • Making The World's Smallest Orrery

    Chronova Engineering produces exquisite mechanical marvels. Their production values are astonishing, with incredible macro work and a very soothing narration.


    Why stand in line to board an airplane?

    The seats are assigned. People have been standing in line for 15 minutes now. Why on earth would anyone want to stand there, when they could just sit and wait until the line clears?

    I understand wanting to get off a plane ASAP, but boarding? You just end up sitting on the plane, waiting for everyone else to get on.


    Who's Up?

    I just got to work at 02:30, covering the second half of the graveyard shift. Pretty quiet night.


    The What! Help is on the way. One of my all-time favorites, now almost completely erased from digital history.

    This album has phenomenal songwriting. It's got a kind of laid-back LA-surf-rock sound with elements of punk and maybe a hint of wistful country in the lyrics.

    The album and band appear endangered, unavailable on any music streaming service.

    The only online version I could find is this a random YouTube upload with almost no views.

    They were introduced to me by a friend's sister in, like 1999. Their band ended quickly after the death of one of the members.

    The only other digital presence related to them now appears to be a remaining band member's channel, which hasn't been updated in 11 years.


    Rhythmically Inclined Podcast 31 feat. LMajor

    This showed up for me last week in a related tracks playlist. Outstanding set. The last 20 minutes are particularly face-melting.