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Ah yes, organization.
  • I jokingly made the comment but I do use bookmarks. It's just better with a tab session saving add on, because I don't want to clutter my actually useful bookmark list with links that I'll only need to check once as the meme in the op shows.

    Bookmarks are superb now, I can add keywords and tags to each bookmark so I can browse for exactly what sort of sites i'm looking for. So yeah I'm all for sorting all my briefs and speedos with gusto 👍

  • Ah yes, organization.
  • Even easier to be lazy is to use Onetab.

  • Me in the comments of any windows fuck up post
  • Kate. It's honestly overkill for what I do, and Xed(Mint default) has come a long way.

  • Me in the comments of any windows fuck up post
  • I highly suggest Mint. Fucking around in Arch is actually nice but mint is more "windows like". You should experiment with Arch once you get more comfortable with Linux in general, or you like reading documentations a lot. You can dual boot a linux setup(on maybe a 50-100GB partition?) first to check if you like it or not.

    If you do plan to get mint then get Mint Debian edition(LMDE 6 "Faye"). Better to be free from any corporate influence(Canonical, IBM etc).

  • Me in the comments of any windows fuck up post
  • I did find it, thus the past tense. I used Notepad+ like I use a browser, with lots of tabs open and having the sessions carried over to the next run of the application. Let alone the line listings on the side and it being a pretty good xml & html editor. Besides it's open source so what's not to love 🤷‍♂️

  • Me in the comments of any windows fuck up post
  • It's only 13 years old... 👴🪦

  • Me in the comments of any windows fuck up post
  • The only thing that used to hold me back was Notepad+. Try using sites like to find and test the open source alternatives to what you use on windows first to see if they're good enough.

  • MTG Says Trump Is a 'Convicted Felon' Just Like Jesus
  • Trump hates them too, when he has to return the money.

    alt text

  • Missing mother found dead inside 16-foot-long python after it swallowed her whole in Indonesia
  • I've got some bad news for you mate...

    The reticulated python is the longest snake in the world, according to London's Natural History Museum. They are native to Southern Asia and can grow to be more than 20 feet long.

    The longest reticulated python ever found in the wild was discovered in 1912, according to the museum, and was measured to be nearly 33 feet long – "more than half the length of a bowling lane and makes this snake longer than a giraffe is tall."

    Zoo Atlanta, which houses reticulated pythons, says the snakes "have a reputation for being aggressive."

    The snakes are occasionally kept as pets in the U.S.

    Last year, a 14-foot-long reticulated python was found dead on side of the road on Long Island, prompting a search for its owner.

    In 2022, a 16-foot albino reticulated python that slithered through a Texas neighborhood for months was finally rescued and returned to its owner.

  • Big Bad Wolf Thought
  • Not even limited to humans.

  • [News] (Video) The Israeli Settlers Threatening To Take Back Gaza | Recolonising Gaza | Length: 16:06

    Recolonising Gaza by RTS Radio Television Suisse. Piped link

    0 tankie censorship problem
  • The problem with this reasoning is that many of the popular communities are actually on, and they’re not so easy to replace.

    Very true, I saw a post about censorship posted on [email protected] that happened in [email protected] (instead of another instance with the same subject community) possibly because of this reason OP mentioned. This complaint post was also deleted from the community because it was violating the rules which I suppose it was since this was the reason:

    alt text

    The title of the post in the picture above was the reason given by the comics mod:

    alt text

    My unpopular opinion however is that simply de-federating won't help as it just promotes those instances into becoming louder echo chambers. I think the simpler solution would be to have a dedicated community for mod abuse (I'm aware of [email protected] but .world blocked /c/piracy so...) , so users can be aware of said issues and create or migrate to different communities as we see fit. Besides, users can simply block entire instances for themselves. Please don't comment on the paradox of tolerance as I just mentioned blocking for oneself already.


    Devs please make it easier to browse the modlog, having to press the next button is bafflingly tedious. I had to resort to editing the url to browse faster, add a jump to by time/date or something.

  • Homeworld 3 Review by Mandalore Gaming
  • Security blanket

    Oh god my sides 🤣

  • Two more US officials resign over Biden administration’s position on Gaza war
  • I don't know if I should be happy or sad. On one hand officials actually taking a stand against injustice, and on the other the only people who actually gives a shit about the good and will of the people are leaving being fired.

  • Manifest V2 phase-out begins
  • I'm doing the same, I rarely ever have to use it unless compelled to by work or simply a lazy site with less compatibility for anything beyond google.

    For anyone who wants to try here you go.

  • I could see benefits and drawbacks
  • Children of gen alpha when they grow up:

    alt text

  • Being an adult is so fun
  • This is the way for me too, seeing a stuffed sink full of dishes just makes me stressed let alone how dirty it feels in general.

  • Completely normal- ai rule
  • Wish granted, now you'll always feel something crawling inside your chastity cage.

  • Congress Just Made It Basically Impossible to Track Taylor Swift’s Private Jet
  • We don't have to think hard as it actually is a bipartisan issue. Their lifestyles are now harder to track by us so it helps both party's and their sugar daddies/mommies.

  • How Japan Deals With Low Birthrate (2024) - Pt.1

    Marriage is dying today, but boosting the marriage rate is crucial for Japan to improve the birth rate. What's the country doing about it? And will it really revive marriage in Japan?

    Piped link

    That politician on the 3rd chapter(3:10), yeesh.


    Will Smith's Chinese Zombie Game [videogamedunkey]

    Game is Undawn. Piped link.


    [Solved} Language settings Just joined Lemmy...not a fan of the language settings. -

    In my profile settings, I can choose my languages. A couple gripes with the web interface of this setting: * I have to hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple languages. While this was clear to me since I use this keyboard shortcut a lot in other contexts, this would definitely be confusing or unc...

    Content is hidden due to not choosing the languages in the settings.

    Making the language settings opted in by default should solve this initial struggle, opting out should be done manually. Putting check boxes next to the languages on there for selection should make things easier too.

    This has been an issue long before the guy in the linked post reported it. I've had to face this same issue on other instances as well so it's obviously a Lemmy issue and not instance specific.

    Please understand that these sorts of small but very visible troubles are what keep people away from this platform. You sign up and go to any community only to see no posts or only those not tagged with a language (You could even miss those if you don't choose "Undetermined"). Any new user would be confused "Are there no user at all?" "Is this community banned?" "Is this instance defederated?" Each of these doubts would just push any new users out.

    Edit: This PSA was over 9 months ago now.

    Edit 2: It seems to be instance specific, and both have this issue as far as I've seen.

    Edit 3: Thank you everyone for your help.