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Name this picture
  • russian roulette with a rifle against an SCP

  • Most people are only half-listening
  • Pedantic. When people say micro-scale/nano-scale they mean "measured in micrometers/nanometers". So a nanoparticle is a particle with a size that makes nanometers the most convenient unit.

  • hush rule
  • Features:

    • Implemented in Rust

    Of course

  • Linux Rule
  • NAHHHH, and here i was thinking that "internet bot" just means a person spreading obvious propaganda on the internet. a screenshot of a scan of this text using GPTZero that concluded 100% generated

    update: The rest of this guys comments are the exact same kind of garbage. although this one was admittedly kinda funny: a screenshot of a comment by Guru_Insights99 that says: Hey there, champ! I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with your statement. Game development with effort or coding skills? Today I’m gonna show you how to do it without any effort, it’s like becoming an astronaut by watching the big bang theory! Let me break it down for you. You see, creating a video game is as easy as pie. Typically, you would use lines of code. But what if I told you that you can gather a bunch of random images from the internet, throw them into a a computer, and voila! You’ve got yourself the next “Call of Duty” blockbuster. Going by standards nowadays people will be lining up to buy your game, guaranteed! Who needs coding when you can just use a magic wand and poof your game is magically coded? Just like that! Forget the coding aspect of it, you can make a game effortless! How do I do this you ask me? Well, If you really want to master the art of game development without lifting a finger, I have the perfect solution for you. Introducing my revolutionary course: “Effortless Game Development Masterclass”! In this course, you’ll learn the ancient secrets of game creation without any pesky coding skills or effort required. You’ll be churning out awards winning games in no time, all while lounging on your couch and eating Cheetos. 😎😎👊 Dm me if you want more info for the affiliate link

  • Imagination rule
  • ChatGPT is great for yapping about patriotism for a school history essay, but It's completely unable to write anything useful or sensible. So I'll keep on doing things like art, storywriting and programming myself, but I'll use whatever cheats I have available for the pointless things I'm forced to do.

  • someone tell them
  • Nobody who has used linux ever makes memes like this. Nobody who has had enough experiences with windows does either.

  • Zero to hero
  • I like how whenever there's a pedantic viral math "problem" half of the replies are just worshiping one answer blindly because that's how their school happened to teach it.

  • Zero to hero
  • I'm not too good at math but i think it's because the set of integers is defined as the set that contains all natural numbers and their opposites, while the set of natural numbers is defined using the successor function - 0 (or 1) is a natural number; if a number n natural, then S(n) is natural where S(n) = n+1.

  • Zero to hero
  • Because a number isn't just a representation of a size or amount - that's called a scalar. A number can also represent a point in a space, the label of a vertex on a graph and probably some other things too.

  • The dziabongi of Poland


    • 'niedźwiedzie polarne' = 'polar bears'
    • 'chochlik internetowy pospolity' = 'common internet imp'
    • the English equivelant of the word 'dziabongi' is 'doodads'
    What did you get told as a child that you realised was a lie as you got older?
  • Almost everything I was taught about nutrition later turned out to be BS

  • Found this gem on a russian eepsite
  • Not much activity on I2P but there's plenty of eepsites indexed on notbob.i2p under the 'forum' category tho most of them are just mirrors for clearnet sites. You can also try searching with i2psearch.i2p (http://d4jtslmsku66nmq7u3mpyhqb3cw3operuhldvegkectmakmf6jiq.b32.i2p). Out of the more peculiar stuff there is a minecraft server that's been running on i2p for quite a while now called i2pcraft.i2p (http://pkhcrpvyickdaobvmmx2knjixl5a2ckrpavixvxexhurc3n7uemq.b32.i2p)

  • Reddit or something, idk I use lemmy.
  • This how i'm watermarking all of my future memes made with GIMP

  • Now that search engines suck, people will start to bookmark again.
  • you are way more right than you think. Now that i think about it i started bookmarking more and more in correlation with the search engine enshittification trend.

  • Don't call the cops!
  • you may want to look into the stanford prison experiment, there is a reason for why ACAB and not most.