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Teslas Can Still Be Stolen With a Cheap Radio Hack—Despite New Keyless Tech
  • I know! But Teslas are still connected to ‘Homebase’. I’m looking at it like Apple. Steal an iPhone? They’ll brick it remotely. This does scare thieves, one way or another. If there is a thief that is able to negate all the remote interception capabilities, sure… but the numbers of the people capable of that are low.

  • Teslas Can Still Be Stolen With a Cheap Radio Hack—Despite New Keyless Tech
  • As a Tesla owner I’m probably biased, but I do not fear these attacks at all. Thing is, because a Tesla is so connected to the mothership (and I definitely realise that’s both a good and a bad thing), chances of a thief actually being able to use or sell the vehicle are very slim. Tesla always knows where their cars are, and urning off GPS and LTE ruins 90% of the features in the car. I think thieves know this because I haven’t heard of any Tesla getting stolen and not being retrieved (but n=1).

  • New Teslas might lose Steam
  • Well, depending on state of charge, supercharging goes up to 250kW. A state of the art PC (4090, Ryzen 9 etc) draws about 850-900 watts on full load. That means such a computer would use 0.004% of available power thus extremely negligible. And the APU (Ryzen-based media system) inside Tesla’s probably uses more around 200-400 watts under full load.

  • Tears Of The Kingdom Was Pirated 1 Million Times, Nintendo Claims In Lawsuit
  • Im not in bed with Nintendo here, as I very much disagree with their aggressive stance against emulators and such - but I do believe that your argument ‘they don’t release it for PC so I’m gonna pirate’ doesn’t hold up. You can still support the people creating the games (which give you lots of hours of entertainment) by buying a copy for the Swtich. Some countries even allow you to back up your game cartridge and play it on PC so you’d be completely within your rights even.

  • CEO says COVID gave us bad habits, prescribes unemployment of 40-50%
  • Hi there, business owner here. I wouldn’t dare to think this about my employees as they drive our business forward. I’m also a huge proponent of working from home (1 day in the office is nice, but not mandatory). I also try to compensate them and cut them in on our profits - before I take my own cut mind you. Happy workers = better productivity.

  • Microsoft Finally Realizes Nobody Wants Its Windows 11 Preinstalled Bloatware
  • I’m kinda shocked that it didn’t work (tried it)! From what I’ve come to understand, the system won’t boot after removing a stock app since the checksum of the system partition changes. Whilst I’m in favour of keeping the OS healthy that way, some of the stock apps should definitely not have been included in that partition. However, today I learned!

  • TIL Prank-loving Jill Biden once stuffed herself into the overhead bin of Airforce 2
  • Saw your new film this morning. Great stuff, I’m actually astonished it got green-lit, it being a bit weird (in a good way!) at times. I too am damn sure you’re nothing more than a parody account… but here I am hoping it isn’t ;-).