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The sheer arrogance
  • Anything cooked goes in the fridge or freezer, that's something that everyone should be expected to know but humans are really good at proving how dumb they are. Thousands of people get sick every year from leaving food out in room temp. It's not that it will always go bad quickly, it's that the chance of that happening compared to keeping it in a colder environment is so much higher. And who the fuck likes sweaty room temp anything? It's disgusting.

  • Filmed Plants For 15 years | Time-lapse Compilation
  • Anything you'd normally do with soil...? Remove other things that start to grow, check how dry it is by pushing your finger into it (therefore moving it around), and parts of the soil itself decomposing so stuff moves over time, bugs crawling around etc. Such a long time lapse of almost anything will have it move and change more than what you can notice normally.

  • The most consumed type of alcoholic drink in Europe
  • I would have thought that 10 years ago, but wine has become a lot more popular since then. I know it's partly my age and the age of people I mingle with but I've noticed it for younger people too when I'm out and about, common to see groups of ~20 year olds with those 1l or 3l tetra pak wines during weekends.

  • The issue of bugs/glitches and people not caring or accepting they're a thing.

    This is a widespread problem that applies to almost any game, something I've noticed for years but never as much as I have with Warframe. Players have bugs, glitches or other issues and they make posts, comments etc. about it but all they get as answers is "nah, that never happened for me so there is no chance it's a thing" or "you just suck, git gud."

    I've never felt so dismissed before, or seen so many others get dismissed in this way. People just decide that it's because they're new players, they're doing something wrong or whatever else, anything but the chance that there's an actual issue. I've now spent 3 days trying to do bounties on orb vallis and cambion drift with very few finished ones. I understand what to do and have no issues with difficulty, they just fail for no valid reason. Examples:

    On orb vallis with the tax the taxmen bounty, when you need to capture and defend containers it just fails to register that you're close to a container so nothing happens and enemies endlessly spawn until you fail. I've spend over 10 minutes standing right by a container with no effect.

    On cambion drift with the last stage of the brute force bounty, the Grineer just instantly win while having like 25% while you're at 60%.

    Both of these issues and everything else I've has issues with have been posted about by many others through the years yet not once have I seen an actual answer that helps them or takes their problems seriously.

    As with anyone else, there have been things I or others have simply not understood for a bit, but absolutely everything is being treated like that. I've seen posts from people that just stopped playing warframe or other games because they never got any help or even a clear answer other than that it's their own fault.

    I've noticed this trend and thought about it for years and have been wanting to write an actual article about it, it's a real issue and often even the devs themselves go along with the denial and dismissal. This is especially prevalent with hard games like the souls-like genre. Any issue or feedback about actual bad balancing is dismissed because it's so easy to just decide it's someone who's not good enough or is failing to understand something.


    What games do you play on your phone?

    Hey! I looked around a bit and the last thread like this I found was several months ago, so I thought I'd make a new one. As per the title, what game do you play on your phone? I'm both looking for new ones myself by also hope others might find some of interest to them.

    For my own part of this I mostly like puzzle games, especially these:

    Hook, Klocki, NABOKI etc. from Rainbow Trains games

    Monument Valley games from ustwo games

    The Room series from Fireproof games

    I Love Hue duology from Zut!

    And all the games from Legenbeary games (very addicted to Wordathlon, currently at level 3253)

    (all playstore links)

    Would love recommendations of any lesser-known similar ones! But post anything you like of course. :)

    Hope anyone finds something they like from my list above or recommend by others in comments (if there are any, heh).