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  • Isn't that the haircut The Misfits invented in the 80s?

  • How do I pronounce "Kamala"?
  • I think it's pronounced Kah-muh-lah

  • anime_irl
  • I imagine so. The other 15% is people who go there to grab screenshots to post on Lemmy or Reddit... which I possibly have been known to do a time or two...😅

  • My ice cream freezer ready for softball tonight.
  • That sounds awesome! I'll have to try and find some here!

  • My ice cream freezer ready for softball tonight.
  • Someone else must love US Smarties a lot too, they just downvoted all my comments lol imagine getting so upset about Smarties 🤣

  • My ice cream freezer ready for softball tonight.
  • That's good. The Smarties here aren't great lol

  • My ice cream freezer ready for softball tonight.
  • Are Smarties in Canada the same as the US or are they like British Smarties that are basically just M&Ms?

  • anime_irl
  • This just accurately described like 85% of 4Chan

  • Anon struggles with financial difficulties
  • I might have to check that out... for science

  • Anon struggles with financial difficulties

    We can talk about it if you'd like
  • B-b-but he took a test that said he's a stable genius! He had to identify cartoon animals and everything!!!

  • Crazy boomer who sends crazy texts to her kids surprised nobody wants anything to do with them
  • I think that's just what she looks like all the time now

  • Crazy boomer who sends crazy texts to her kids surprised nobody wants anything to do with them
  • "all I did was hound them relentlessly about electing a treasonous rapist for president! I don't know WHY they stopped taking my calls..."

  • WIP Wednesday!!!

    I haven't had time to get as much of this done as I'd like this week, but you can at least see the rest of the 5th panel here taking shape! I hope to get this part finished up by the weekend!

    Anon tries out the dating apps
  • The consensus on the thread was that he must have caused so many complaints from so many women in such a short period that they just banned him altogether lol I have no idea if that can happen or not but that was the best solution they came up with

  • April oneil
  • Where's the Ninja Turtles?

  • Anon tries out the dating apps

    It's Fantasy time!
  • I would never be able to remember all of that lol

  • before and after a glass of wine haha [F] [OC]
  • I like your cat tattoo

  • Anon visits the restroom
  • I went to middle school and highschool in the 90s and this all seems very strange to me lol I know I just have taken a shit at school sometimes during that time and I don't recall it ever being a matter of public ridicule... Everybody's gotta shit sometimes!

  • denied
  • I can still see a nipple in there... 👀

  • Just need an easy cooking day every so often
  • No, they're just a pain in the ass if I'm trying to get everything I need to do on my lunch break done. Also, the average temperature here right now ranges from 89 to 103 so I don't really have any great urge to fire up the oven and heat up the house.

    If I'm in a hurry the microwave is fine, if I have a little time to spare the air fryer is fine.

    You've picked a very odd hill to die on over some cheap frozen pizza lol

  • Anon feels regret
  • Jesus dude that reference is getting downright esoteric lol I don't think I've ever seen a television ad for Ikea before lol

    Here it is for anyone who was as confused as I was

  • Anon feels regret


    Anon is asking the difficult questions


    Devine St Columbia SC


    Hardee's "Big Lips" figure from 1989

    These figurines were released by Hardee's in 1989 as part of a co-promotion with Tang who was using the characters in their commercials at the time! This would have been around the same time that Dominos The Noid character and The California Raisins were at the height of their popularity so it looks very similar in style to those ads

    Hardee's ad for the figures

    Tang ad featuring the characters


    Lark Side of the Moon

    I also tried to make one with actress Lark Voorhies in it but Bing said that violated their content policy lol


    WIP Wednesday!!!

    Making decent progress on panel 5 of 6 here! It's pretty much just that one soot sprite and a few more of those flowers that take forever lol The final panel is almost entirely black and white so that one should go pretty quick once I get to it!


    Time to take to the skies, for a quiet little drive in space...or not

    Mashup of Smokey and the Bandit and Star Wars


    Captain GLAM-it!

    (he does cocaine)


    I ended up with so many extra Kinder Joy Funko figures that I made some of the spares into fun little fridge magnets!

    I still have yet to find a Trelawney, Cho Chang, or Luna Lovegood and I'm beginning to think I never will 😢


    They'll need to somehow generate 1.21 gigawatts of flushing power to make it home!


    Back to the LUCHA!


    I guess they're recasting for season 8


    Oscar the Flea

    For some reason Bing had a really hard time with this one lol here's the only other one I got that didn't just show a normal looking Oscar standing next to a big flea



    Bat Bert


    Why don't we put butter and sour cream on French fries? They're basically like tiny skinless baked potatoes...

    I bet it would be delicious


    Directions for the Splash Dance Shower Radio by Pollenex (1985)

    I couldn't find any kind of history for this one, but here's the original TV ad for it! All I know about this product is that I remember we had one hanging up in the shower at my parents house when I was a kid, and at the time I was too short to reach it lol

    Here's the cover as well