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An incel murdered their daughter and photos of it spread online: ‘They would tag us in it’
  • The "incel community" in the article is made up of men who have labeled themselves, as a way of blaming women for not giving them the sex they feel they "deserve," instead of making any real effort to connect with women as people. They come off as creepy because they are power-hungry creeps.

  • Encyclopedia
  • Not nobody. My dad got a yearly honorarium for updating the section of the Encyclopedia Brittanica in his area of expertise. We'd also get a free set, and donate the previous one to a school library. I'm sure there were hundreds of others like him back in those days.

  • Should you thin an apple tree at all?
  • I can't do apples in my zone but with my dwarf eureka lemon tree I've learned to leave the most-developed little fruit or two in a cluster, pinching away the smallest ones to prevent crowding and avoid overburdening the branch.

  • Is Science Fiction Inherently Hopeful?
  • I guess the hope in writing it is that there's at least some people who will heed. The hope in reading it might be that you'd recognize the signs in time to work for change. Or maneuver yourself into the evil dominators group if you're deplorable.

  • Sophia Duleep Singh, sufragette, UK, 1913
  • Funny how all men didn't fight for any women's rights, voting or otherwise.

    Funny how it was the existence of the draft that got the US voting age lowered from 21 to 18.

    Funny how it's not feminists but traditionalists who oppose either extending the draft to women or eliminating it entirely.

    Not that anyone has been drafted in decades anyway, but in fairness.

  • I just hit Cancel by accident AGAIN.

    My muscle memory is having a stupidly hard time shifting from Reddit to Lemmy, so I keep typing out comments I've put careful thought into, and at the last minute hitting the Cancel button!


    How do I go back to being myself?

    Ever since LemmyWorld went down in the hacking, I haven't been able to log in using the account I created there. I do the login thing, and the little pop-up says "Logged In" but I'm not. I can't see my Subscribed feed, I can't comment or post. And I couldn't ask this question! I also couldn't start fresh because I only have one email, and it knew that. So I came over to shitjustworks which graciously allowed me to create this profile without an email address. I guess it's okay, I can work on resubscribing to stuff under this name, neither one is my old Reddit name anyway, but I would prefer going back to my other account or at least knowing what happened...? In case it happens again?