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Chemists of Lemmy, how accurate is this likability table?
  • Not moisture but reactive molecules. (I mean, many forms probably do still absorb a good bit but) I forgot the exact chemistry but "activated" means chemically reactive. It binds with all sorts of reactive molecules, like toxins and many other things.

  • Their feelings don't care about these facts.
  • Very few voted for Joe on his support for Israel. Very many voted for Trump becauuse he's a racist, vitriolic asshat.

    If you cannot understand that, you are nothing but a fool too stupid to navigate this complicated world.

  • Do I Look Pretty?
  • No, it's just factually correct. You can whine about it all you want, but Republicans would rather personally strangle your first born than give people even a government insurance plan.

    If that offends you, you're either dumb or uninformed or both.

  • Skibidi Toilet’ Film and TV Franchise in the Works From Michael Bay, Adam Goodman
  • Anything but obvious cash grabs and uninspired spinoffs like the emoji movie.

    Even stuff like The Room are WAY better even from a creative process standpoint. That thing is an adventure. The emoji movie is just a soulless product.

  • 24 July 2024
  • baha I mean, that still wouldn't produce much current at all depending on the capacitance of the lights and the voltage of that battery, but... funny beats reality on the far side.

  • CrowdStrike offers a $10 apology gift card to say sorry for outage
  • Naaahhhh, this isn't JUST a greedy fuck who wandered in to muck and needs a haul out. This is a greedy fuck who got in the way of other greedy fucks stealing their bag.

    The other greedy fucks are at least going to make sure to draw a little blood.

  • Crazy boomer who sends crazy texts to her kids surprised nobody wants anything to do with them
  • Not destruction. Control. They want CONTROL of the country, and they've had many, many wins over the last decade.

    They don't care if all they're ruling over is ashes so long as they are ruling it. They're tiny-brained morons that LITERALLY do not understand government.

  • crops
  • IMO lab grown meat is the real future of having sustainable and not completely terrible meat production. No need to care for an animal or their digestive system. Sure, it'll have its own supply chain, but that is far more dynamic and changeable than an animal's biology.

  • Elon Musk backs down from $45 million a month pledge to Trump, says he doesn’t ‘subscribe to cult of personality’
  • I wish there were enough good journalists, but the fact you diss journalism goes to show you are too stupid for a discussion on how Fox et. al. have not hired actual journalists in years upon years.

    Grow a brain and realize punditry is NOT journalism.

  • crops
  • Oh the great filter definitely has legs to it. It HAS to. It's only logical that any species could wipe themselves out or get wiped out. It would take a species capable of being literal gods (as far as we define them) in order to not be subject to 'a' great filter of some type.

    Though IMO, I do not think we're in a young universe for intelligence (as far as humans are "intelligent", anyways), but a teenaged universe at youngest. Lots of energy and BS still going on, but enough room for intelligence to start cropping up.

    I hope the fact the universe will have trillions of years with red dwarf stars and the like still shining away even as the galaxies get further and further apart means that THEN is the time where organized, self-changing structure gets to shine, but... humanity is kinda' actively demonstrating that a species can be "intelligent" and yet hellbent on self-destruction.