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What is optimal price category for bike?
  • Budget ebikes are around $2000 CAD. And I guess it depends on your area but a good lock that can only be defeated by a handsaw is $200, tracking devices are also an option.

    Also you might be able to get a car cheaper than $6.5k but what kind of maintenance cost is that going to have? Not to mention gas, insurance, and parking.

  • Barcelona anti-tourism protesters fire water pistols at visitors
  • It's a protest. Same thing as climate protestors blocking the roads, no the individual commuters are not responsible for climate change, but the blocking roads is an effective way to draw attention to the issue.

    Protests need to be disruptive or they won't be effective. These tourists had their day/lunch ruined at worst, the protestors are fighting for affordable living in the city they live in and they clearly have found an effective way to protest.

    So yeah no, I feel bad for the tourists but that's about it.

  • A Driverless Car in China Hit a Pedestrian. Social Media Users Are Siding With the Car
  • Not OP, not agreeing/disagreeing with them.

    Self-driving cars should absolutely be held to a higher standard than humans. They are not humans and cannot be held accountable for their actions, therefore the benefits of their use over human drivers should be overwhelming before we allow them in the streets.

    As for the trolley-esque problem being discussed, it's actually an incredibly complicated problem with even more complicated solutions. A statement like, "hit a wall instead of a person", seems obvious to a human but just adds a million complications to the situation. How do you detect if it's a safe wall to hit? What if it's a fence on a schoolyard with 30 children sitting on the other side.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • Lack of direction is fine, empty feeling world is not. There was never anything interesting to find in my opinion. No interesting quests, very few towns or other landmarks. Just a lot of space filled with the same 10 enemies.

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • Look I think there are valid complaints to be made about the Dark Souls franchise, but criticizing them for not giving you waypoints says more about you than it does the games themselves. The lack of any sort of hand holding was by far the most interesting thing for me when I first played Dark Souls and is the thing that got me hooked. The tension in exploring a new area, having no idea what to expect and being so scared you're going to die is a wonderful feeling, especially when you overcome it and survive to the next bonfire.

    You're making me want to write a boomeresque comment about how kids want video games to hold their hands. Don't you have a sense of adventure? Is exploration and mystery not interesting to you?

  • What universally beloved videogame you just can't enjoy?
  • Breath of the Wild. The combat is fun but after that got old I realized there was absolutely nothing about the game I found engaging. The world was sparse and filled with the same enemies everywhere, temples were repetitive, the writing/acting was absolutely atrocious, and many of the mechanics were tedious as fuck. Climbing is tedious, cooking is tedious, gathering is tedious.

    I genuinely do not understand why the game is so beloved.

  • Does no-ads transfer?

    I paid for no-ads Reddit back in the day but when I tried to transfer purchases nothing happened. Is this intentional? $30 seems steep for no ads but I'm a cheap bastard.

    Sorry to ask a question that's probably been asked before, couldn't find an answer.