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Boeing pleads guilty to a criminal fraud charge · BBC News - World
  • Go after the individuals responsible, the company leadership created a culture which maximizes profits over safety.

    By simply fining them we are saying that the cost of human lives can be factored into the cost of business.

  • A ~~cool~~ guide to the fascist future
  • No, he's saying he doesn't agree with all of it so that any Trump supporter who looks at the list and finds something they don't like will think "Oh yeah, this is the thing Trump won't like either, same as me".

    It's a mental trick to stop the supporters from getting hooked into details.

  • How many have found practical uses for large language text models in your real life?
  • Right, svg. Not doing it anymore but we had a use case for dynamically generating information bearing icons based on changing conditions.

    These days I see there are dedicated services that do this really well.

    Another thing I got some benefit at was using it to generate thousands of configuration json files covering all permutations of a wide set of values (within rules and ranges).

  • Series: What are your tried-and-proven tricks for relaxing/relieving anxiety
  • Maybe. Someday in the distant future someone will invent a technology which can validate bold theories like that. Whoever gets that right will be insanely rich.

    You'd be able to post on a forum and have a validated rank 5 snuggler badge or something, and everyone would know you're pro. Go on talk shows, maybe start a product line of high performance pillows.

    I could go on, but there's an insane sandwich here that's staring me down

  • It's Friday - What are your plans for the week-end?
  • Going to restart my exercise habit and discipline after a long injury, do some coding on my own projects, eat like a king.

    Going to try squeeze in the Dune movies somewhere but hours in the day just never seem enough

  • Coke—and Dozens of Others—Pledged to Quit Russia. They’re Still There.
  • Making those promises was good for shareholders. Good spin, positive pr, keep share price stable etc.

    And then staying in Russia was also good for shareholders. Moves more product. Easy.

    So that's what they do. Shareholder value above anything else, there are no exceptions.