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Which are you favorite non-English movies, series etc?
  • There are many good thriller/horror movies in spanish.

    • La piel que habito
    • REC
    • Los ojos de julia
    • La cara oculta (I think this one's from Colombia)

    Shutter is also a great Thai horror movie.

    From my country Murderess (Φόνισσα - Greek) from last year is pretty impactful.

  • How many email addresses do you have?
  • I made a bunch of burner Google accounts back when it was easy to do so so I have many addresses from there + a couple in protonmail. In total it should be 2 "serious" addresses, 1 for games and non-serious services, 2-3 for some specialized stuff and about 8(?) dummy accounts, some of which have connected accounts to social media which have been locked.

  • What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? July 08
  • After reading The Lathe of Heaven I decided to explore more from Ursula K Le Guin. Now finishing The Left Hand of Darkness and next one is probably Always Coming Home but if you have any other recommendations they're welcome.

  • Fellas of Lemmy, what's your Every Day Carry (EDC)?
  • Except for the obvious ones (keys, id, phone) I always carry a USB C to C cable and a small bag with pretty much every USB adaptor I could find. The point is to be able to connect anything to anything. It sounds a bit weird but I've used it a lot. There is also a USB stick with 3-4 live OSes through Ventoy but that one isn't as useful.

  • Linxicon 144: "ingredient" to "living"
  • how frequently the words appear near each other

    That's what I thought for yesterday's puzzle and tried "final" and "version" but apparently there was no connection between them. I guess if you keep playing you'll start learning the dataset too.

  • What are your favorite bands from more obscure, lesser known countries?
  • Some latam-based ones

    • Uruguay - El cuarteto de nos. Rock/indie rock but sometimes they mix in Latin American sounds as well (check out the song Mario Neta).
    • Paraguay - Kchiporros, Bohemia Urbana. Ska and Paraguayan rock.
    • Mexico's Yucatan - Pat Boy. Rap in Mayan and sometimes Spanish. Does collabs with other singers of indigenous languages.
  • Is anyone using VMware under a Wayland host?

    I've been using VMware Player (free version) for a while now and it's been working fine. Recently I switched to Wayland and VMware's grab input behavior broke. The guest gets most keys correctly but Alt and Super are intercepted by the host. Clicking on the vm also gives me a remote desktop popup on the host prompting to allow remote interaction which gives some weird results both on the host and guest. Apparently this is a known issue with gnome(?) and the only workaround is to add Super to any shortcut (eg. Super+Alt+Tab) but this obviously doesn't work for all shortcuts.

    I'm using Gnome on Fedora and Ubuntu and they seem to have the same behavior (but no remote desktop popup on Ubuntu). Both work fine on X11. I've also tested both VMware player 16 and 17.

    So if anyone is using VMware on Wayland, do you know of a combination that works? Does it work on KDE? Should I just switch to Virtualbox? I'd really rather keep Wayland if possible.


    Crows in the clouds

    Shot on my phone but it came out pretty good.