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MicrondeMMMMMMM Chloë (she/her)

Hello Internet!

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Welcome to my Lemmy page!

I'm into:

  • Programming 💻
  • Linux 🐧
  • Gaming 🎮
  • Thrash Metal! 🤘
  • Women 🏳️‍🌈
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Okay, Biden isn’t popular. But his policies sure are.
  • We never really had true communism didn't we? God I wish we would try it out...

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.

  • Surely there must be another way
  • Lol heard that before I transitionned, but I was quite happy instead :P

  • To all you outside of the US...
  • My hope is that the NFP will get to the second round and then everyone votes for them against the RN, something similar will happen but victory depends on if macron asks people to vote against the alt right

  • To all you outside of the US...

    The thing that's pissing me off though is that the centrist party decided it would rather demonize the left than the alt right, I suppose they know they already lost and are trying to get as many votes off of those they know might vote for them (some socialists).

  • To all you outside of the US...
  • As a french person we have bigger fishes to fry lmao 😂 (I might live in a fascist state soon™)

  • Think of the children!
  • Not free I agree but I prefer getting taxed a lot and have those services rather than not.

    The way I see it, if we tax for example fuel, well the price of fuel rises for the customers, so customers buy less fuel, then fuel companies lower the price so their stuff gets bought and now your fuel is around the same price as before, but you have free healthcare.

  • Flathub has passed 2 billion downloads
  • FOSS keeps winning it's Insane!

  • Flathub has passed 2 billion downloads
  • I'll add upon what others have said here, for me the main downside is the size they take on disk since they don't really share dependencies (they do but not as efficiently as native or nix packages) so they take a lot of room and take a while to update. Otherwise they're amazing IMO and you should use them! :)

  • Flathub has passed 2 billion downloads
  • Sure yeah but its what we have. I'm personally rooting for nixpkgs but they might be too complicated to setup for the average Joe.

  • Debian used to be so good. What happened!?
  • I don't have issues yet on stable 12.5 but I plan to switch to nixos eventually.

  • If you were offered knowledge of exactly when and how you'll die, would you take it? Why or why not?
  • Yeah but my point was not drinking a huge amount, just enough not to have too much water or too little, like a glass of water every hour or something.

  • Minecraft Rule
  • But is it FOSP?

  • Minecraft Rule
  • Wait is this image FOSS or nah?

  • If you were offered knowledge of exactly when and how you'll die, would you take it? Why or why not?
  • I don't know, if such a thing existed it would imply that free will doesn't exist, if you knew you would die in 10 hours of dehydration, what happens if you drank a bunch of water regularly?

    In that scenario you can't die of dehydration but you're going to die of dehydration forcibly. So what's going to happen?

    I can't process if I would do it or not because I don't know what it would imply!

  • My dispair shall destroy them, atom by atom
  • I'm not tending to the microplastics in my balls, they turned me into a woman and it's much better! blobcat, googly, partyfaster

  • How's your week been?
  • constant affirmation of my imaginary masculinity, yuck.

    Yuck! Relatable, I hope you get to show them the real you soon (or not, do it when you're ready!)

  • How's your week been?

    Went to the HRT appointment yesterday and am getting bloodwork thursday to move that along :)

    I'm very excited for you, you'll see it's amazing! 🤩 It's slow but it's like magic!

  • Les transition de genre sont officiellement interdites pour les mineurs en France( en fait non mais vote du sénat)

    Je suis dévastée.

    Il est très probable que les moins de 25 ans soient les suivants, ils veulent nous éradiquer.


    How important is prolactin?

    Hello everyone, I just got my test results back and everything seems to be good, although I'm slightly concerned that my prolactin is too low, it's at 9ng/mL.

    I looked up prolactin online and it seems it regulates breast growth and pregnancy, could low prolactin levels slow my breast growth?


    Que faire en vu de la montée des idées transphobes?

    Coucou, depuis la sortie de Trnsmnia 🤢 Les républicains ont sorti un projet de loi visant à supprimer le droit de transitioner aux mineurs.

    En plus d'être transphobe cette proposition de loi et tout droit importé du Royaume-Uni et des idéologies conservatrices américaines.

    Il serait évidemment préférable que ce genre de proposition de loi ne puissent jamais voir le jour où être votées, mais je ne sais pas quoi faire pour empêcher cela d'arriver, j'ai l'impression d'être impuissante face au politiciens. Je suis allée manifester et j'ai signé des pétitions, mais n'est il pas possible faire des trucs en plus?