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The crew had some things to say (2)
  • Bill Barr deserves to get hit over the head with a cast iron pan until his brains look like runny over easy eggs. Spineless shit enabled so much of Trumps sickness.

  • Something's not right
  • Psychedelics induce neuroplasticity which allows to to break out of old patterns. Not sure about the long term effects though.

  • CrowdStrike offers a $10 apology gift card to say sorry for outage
  • Brother, or sister, I know fuck all about information technology. You make a good point and definitely know way more about this than i do. But I will say this, I don't think wannacry disrupted millions of peoples travel plans all at once. so maybe less damage, but I think it was Hella more disruptive to the general population .

  • Do I Look Pretty?
  • Yeah, that's the vibe I'm getting from this post. Not about being "self aware" as some other dufus said, but rather to erode support for the democratic party right before an election.

  • Do I Look Pretty?
  • Democrats finally did something decent and had Biden drop out for a better suited candidate and you're all still bitching instead of focusingon trying to beat a literal fascist.

    If Biden was still the democratic candidate then this post would make sense. But to post this right now, right after a lot of us got what we wanted from the democratic party, makes me question if OP is even acting in good faith and is not trying to erode support. Might want to look in the mirror bud 👇

    If that offends you, you’re either dumb or uninformed or both.

  • The Rule
  • The syntactic function of the word 'The' has far reaching consequences around which all of humanity pivots. We just can't see it.

  • Do I Look Pretty?
  • This post is just shit stirring

  • Too spicy?
  • Eh I don't think it's that divisive. We can still rally behind Kamala while being self aware.

  • The Stoke is Real 🔥
  • I know right? Ever since I was able to vote it felt like I was just begrudgingly voting democrat. This is the first time I'm excited for a candidate.

  • Harry Potter and the Nuclear launch codes
  • That's a good point

  • AP gov exam
  • Highly contingent on whether we lead ourselves to WWIII. We are living in interesting times but most of the events are close calls, Trump ALMOST had a coup, Trump ALMOST got assasinated, there was ALMOST a workers revolt. I think other moments in US history got us beat...for now.

  • Something's not right
  • Too real

  • CrowdStrike offers a $10 apology gift card to say sorry for outage
  • I straight up thought it was satire. How can you be so fucking detached. Basically caused the biggest information infrastructure disruption in human history, probably billions in losses, and then be like "my bad lol here's a giftcard".

  • freezing point curves
  • The thing is these are established methods with clear instructions but I can't get the right numbers for whatever reason it's really making me question if I'm even a chemist. Blowing glass, now that sounds pretty fucking hard actually

  • freezing point curves
  • Me at my job right now. Apparently titrations and loss on ignition is some of the hardest shit to ever do in science

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • Pfahahahaha typical tankie cope

  • Diesel-smelling
  • What a work of art. Reminds me of Bill Burrs rant on Steve Jobs.

  • Elon Musk denies reported $45 million a month pledge to Trump, says he doesn't 'subscribe to cult of personality’
  • I'm expecting a continuation of the same neoliberal nonsense but one can dream.

  • The crew had some things to say
  • Maddog Mattis was never a Trump loyalist. As a matter of fact ended up resigning because of his bullshit.

  • Elon Musk denies reported $45 million a month pledge to Trump, says he doesn't 'subscribe to cult of personality’
  • I must call a doctor because I have a boner that's been lasting way more than 4 hours and it just keeps getting harder with every new headline I read.

  • Political Memes MataVatnik

    The Stoke is Real 🔥


    Anybody know the species of this fledgling?

    Update: The consensus seems from Lemmy and my friends seems to be European Starling. Thank you so much everyone. I was concerned on what kind of diet this fella should be fed, looks like I have somewhere to start now.

    Having issues contacting the wildlife shelter at the moment


    Just think about it


    Marines Operating



    10 Reddit Files to Go Public, Reveals That It Paid CEO $193 Million Last Year

    Nineteen years since its founding, the social media site is finally going public.

    Reddit Files to Go Public, Reveals That It Paid CEO $193 Million Last Year

    We live under corporate feudalism


    Pooping in the handicap stall in a public bathroom is like taking the corner office in your workplace


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    Pee Rule


    I stand with the caliphate of Israel


    Cheering the death of Reddit