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GOP introduces bill that would send anyone convicted of unlawful activity on a campus since Oct. 7th, 2023 to Gaza.
  • "For the crime of cheering legitimate terrorists, blah blah clever horseshit"

    You people continue to gloss over that on one side of this conflict is a proud terrorist org who, as a matter of practice, rapes, kidnaps and otherwise specifically targets civilians for harm in order to enact their worldview.

    All of these middle-to-upper class lefties protesting on campuses would get a knife up the anus if they were caught in Hamas territory. They don't care if you're cheering them on from across an ocean, they still hate you and would rather you suffer and die, because you don't fit with their religious view.

    I still feel bad for the Palestinian people and separate them from their Hamas government, as it's obvious Hamas doesn't care about their charge, and is using them for political capital.

  • When dating, "Just be confident" is just bad advice if you ask me.
  • I think it's been conflated with simply "having self-esteem". So many guys (and a few women), are just so meek and weird about flirting or even just having casual conversations with the opposite sex. Like they see themselves as a social burden, but they just have to approach and give weird compliments anyway.

    Like, you've seen sorta fugly people with attractive partners, right? Or two not-so attractive people dating? Someone had to make a move, and those people had self-esteem / confidence.

    Confidence isn't just reserved for the physically attractive. It's ok to value other aspects of yourself and derive your self-worth from that.

    If you're bothering people who turned you down already, or you're too unaware to notice, then that's a different problem altogether. I've seen plenty of guys with zero confidence linger in a convo they thought was going somewhere.

  • After Raids, NYPD Denied Student Protesters Water and Food in Jail (also there were beatings)
  • They put a bunch of whiny, entitled shits in jail.

    "Omg these cells are dirty" - yea, don't go to jail, it's dirty.

    "Omg they put me in solitary for three hours" - yea, shut the fuck up when you're in jail. Sometimes that's for your own protection.

    "Omg they beat me while I was in jail" - again, shut the fuck up and quit arguing with guards. You're in jail.

  • "Yes, it is a genocide," says an Israeli Holocaust scholar
  • The bias is towards Palestine. Every news org outside of the NYT and maybe FOX is publicizing the Palestinian version of events and demonizing Israel for winning a fight that was brought to them.

    You guys want to act like you're the underdog side in this, but the world is backing Palestine even though they are led by barbarous animals who don't give a shit about their people or true justice.

    Quit telling Palestine they're in the moral right on every level and start encouraging them to oust their rapist, zealot leaders, and maybe then peace can be achieved.

  • California police flatten pro-Palestinian camp at UCLA, arrest protesters
  • Their strategy is being performative, whiny shits for tiktok videos. They have no clue what they're talking about, or the context for the current situation. Just more terminally online lefties that would rather camp out than go to class.

    The nation was already discussing Israel-Palestine, these people are just being self-indulgent and making it about themselves. They don't give a shit about Palestinians unless it's trending.