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Who wants kittens?

They're brand new. New enough that the only pictures are super gross, so you can't have a kitten right away. They gotta grow a little.

Find a Community Mango

Is there a community for Android games without dollar signs in-game?

I'm going completely crazy trying to find games that are just games and not cheap clones of other money making machines.


Can anyone here get Gboard to gesture type "Lemmy"?

No matter what I do, it's like Gboard is specifically avoiding it. It'll instantly learn any bullshit word I make up like "aprifnid" but can't type "Lemmy". I suspect shenanigans.

Pure Mobile Gaming Mango

Stardew Valley is a game about settling in a cozy community to build a farm and escape the grind.

Google play: It's free with play pass. Apple:

This is the first post of the sub so I figured I would start with what's probably the best example of a solid game on mobile.

Stardew Valley is pretty famously known as the king of cozy games. It's also available on PC.