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The Code
  • That's cool, something like arxiv...

  • TolkAnon talks about Shelob
  • And there's a part of the web I'm not glad I missed...

  • The Code
  • You're not wrong, but it's not good enough to simply make it available somehow today, you want it publicly searchable.

  • The Code
  • Damn Straight!

  • The Code
  • That 'just email us' is a significant piece of friction in the way of scientific freedom of enquiry. Look to arxiv or equivalents...

  • The Code
  • There are a whole bunch of people who might be scientists who are not in academia.

  • The Code
  • If it still functionally existed.

  • TIL in 1985 French government agents bombed and sank a Greenpeace ship docked in Auckland, New Zealand, killing a freelance photographer
  • The Fuck?

    Oh, OK. It is a bit weird, but many see it as liberative.


  • Deimos by Dragan Bibin (oil on panel) 🇷🇸
  • Well, I found a corner I guess (Doors and Corners, The Expanse)) Deimos as terror, a dog without a target. What am I missing...

  • Dads
  • As a single dad, this sucks.

  • Be excellent
  • Be Excellent To Each Other...

  • Satanists in Florida offer to fill school counselor roles after DeSantis law
  • I do love it when you guys set up the religious nut freedom 'Not like that!' responses. More power to ya!

    Hail Satan. Hail Eris.

  • Psychological truths like Skinner vs Pavlov Conditioning
  • It sounds counterintuitive at first, but if you think of real world examples, it makes a lot of sense. It’s the entire principle that casinos and blind bag toys operate on: you do the requested action (like placing a bet or buying the blind bag), you get something you didn’t want or expect, and you get a little mad that it didn’t go the way you wanted, so you do the requested action again.

    Yup, I suspect the lack of consistency, especially for dependant animals and gamblers, drives anxiety, which is disproportionately relieved by a successful outcome, which is a recurring survival driver in the wild (again I blame evolution, where persistence can be rewarded by survival)

    “Diffusion of responsibility” is a good one, guessing it's testable.

    In that vein, we have the Stanford prison experiment, though it's repeatability seems to be questioned.

  • [META] Direction of the Community
  • Nice that you're actively moderating in the democratic fashion.


    Scope will increase if you moderate well, and in this case because (IMO) there's a historical imperative (or we all gonna die)

    Worry about offtopic when there's enough, it'll likely become apparent.

    Just own Degrowth (sans modifiers, i.e. no Economics as if people mattered)

    Keep posting, it'll happen (also rss feed filtering on degrowth may help)

    Eh, nazis bad, swearing at nazis OK (IMO). You need a larger sample size...

  • Psychological truths like Skinner vs Pavlov Conditioning

    Something I find fascinating is that being consistent (and trustworthy) is less effective than being 80/20% consistent (classical vs operant conditioning) at training dogs where there are contextual/environmental cues at play. It's personally counter-intuitive, but I've seen it work and am convinced (I attribute it to evolutionary mechanisms, my goto in biology).

    I'm wondering what other psychology as a science results have solid statistics behind them that I'm unaware of (I'm compsci with a physics/maths background, so it's probably most), and are interesting...

    GBoard replacement?
  • and voice with futo

  • Lower Decks & the curse of ending too soon
  • spin offs

    Now there's an excellent idea!

  • On the obnoxiousness of WebP

    Here we are with a community celebrating art, some of us might like to archive it. But no, inevitably it's google 'owned' transcoded, WebP. I have an extension to re-encode back to an old format, but that's lossy-lossy transcoding, not good. I suspect it's a Lemmy thing, but what would it take to get non-lossy here?

    6 The voice in your head may help you recall and process words. But what if you don’t have one?

    The lack of an inner monologue seems linked to a lower ability to recall words and predict their sound.

    The voice in your head may help you recall and process words. But what if you don’t have one?

    How does this play for you ? I identify as spectrum, what used to be Asperger's, and have to work really hard to get to visual phantasia, but I can. Also worked hard to remove aural phantasia? via meditation because of negative self talk. Do you see 'aphant' as a useful designation? Thoughts, Ideas?


    Richard Marles concealed war crimes report, denying justice for David McBride Richard Marles concealed war crimes report, denying justice for David McBride - Michael West

    Report on leadership failures in Afghan war was given to the Richard Males in November 2023, but not published until McBride was sentenced.

    Richard Marles concealed war crimes report, denying justice for David McBride - Michael West

    A report critical of Australian generals’ leadership in Afghanistan was given to the Defence Minister Richard Marles in November 2023, but was not published until after the McBride sentencing. Stuart McCarthy on a travesty of justice.


    Rewild the Internet! We Need To Rewild The Internet  | NOEMA

    The internet has become an extractive and fragile monoculture. But we can revitalize it using lessons learned by ecologists.

    We Need To Rewild The Internet  | NOEMA

    This needs (IMO) more attention, seems to fit here...